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Beyblade Shogun Steel Toys Series


From the popular kids TV-show now come the action figures which can engage in real-life battle with each other. The Beyblades are ready to fight for their honor and status, challenging their peers in competition and mopping the floor with them.

With interchangeable parts, the Beyblades offer kids a whole array of fighting possibilities. They can observe their adversary’s weaknesses and adjust their figure and movement styles with custom arms, torsos and even double spinning bases for more torque!

Set them up, use the rip cord to generate spinning and let them loose in specially designed arenas where they will fight to the death in the quest to become the ultimate Beyblade Shogun.

Beywarrior-BattlersBeyWarrior Battlers

Hasbro will take over and develop the new line of Beyblades – the BeyWarriors! These will be part of a figure-based battling system that comes along with an arena where all the action will take place.

Announced by Hasbro in early February 2013, they were showcased at the American International Toy Fair 2013. There, kids were able to lay their eyes and get a glimpse of the action-packed figurine series which will be launched later this year.

The whole system is based on a rip-cord mechanism. Once the figurines are set in motion, they are released in specially designed arenas where they will battle their peers. With interchangeable parts, the warriors will provide diverse and long-lasting fun for your kids.


Beylocker-SetBeyblade Shogun Steel Dojo Beylocker Set

Like the standard Beylocker, The Steel Dojo set is a special place where kids can place and carry their BeyWarrior Battlers around.

The set will allow kids to store up to 4 different figurines in a very compact space which they can carry around.

Once opened and set up, the fighting party can begin! With the set, one figuring only will be provided, the rest being purchasable individually.

Also, the interchangeable parts belonging to each warrior will have enough space to be stored as well. Then it’s only a matter of imagination how the kids will set them up for battle in the arena.

Beyblade-Shogun-Steel-Octagon-Showdown-SetBeyblade Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Set

The Steel Octagon Set features the arena where the BeyWarriors can do battle.

Once the rip cord has been introduced in the figurines, the kids will have to generate a considerable amount of RPM in order to make sure that their warriors are the last ones standing – it’s not enough to pull the rip cord once anymore; the kids will have to put in some physical effort as well.

The arena itself is large enough to do battle between two BeyWarriors. It’s carefully designed to make the most out of the RPM generated by the rip cord and keep the figurines fighting for as long as possible. Checkout Battroborg toys.


Beyblade Shogun Steel BeyBattle TopsBeyblade Shogun Steel BeyBattle Tops

The BeyBattle Tops are usually a five-piece set designed to give your Beyblade warriors that extra torque and RPM so that they can battle at full strength.

Each set is specially designed to give your warriors only certain bonus features: one will make them spin faster, for a longer time while the other will grant them more hitting power, allowing them to slam their adversaries in the walls.

When picking up a BeyBattle Top, kids will need to know what exactly their figurines need in order to win a battle. This is what makes these tops great – it allows for diversity. Of course, each part is interchangeable, making the whole experience as diverse as it can be.


Beyblade-Shogun-Steel-Samurai-Cyclone-Battle-SetBeyblade Shogun Steel Samurai Cyclone Battle Set

In this set, the Beyblades will have to battle in an arena that is either for or against them. While the figurines spin inside it, the arena is moving as well, granting some a clear advantage over others and forcing the players to really consider their strategies when it comes to designing and customizing their warriors.

Like in the other sets, this battle set allows for two warriors to engage in battle. The fact that it’s not a fixed position arena allows for even more options when it comes to choosing a perfect combination of RPM, fighting power and spin duration for your Beyblades.

All these new Beyblade Shogun Steel toys will be available in the Fall of 2013 and no doubt will be a huge hit and one of the hot toys of Christmas 2013.

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