Christmas Gifts for a 13 Year Old Boy

Gifts for Boys Best Toys for a 13 Year Old Boy

It’s that time of year again. Christmas gift shopping! So break out your lists and hit the shops. Uh-oh, there on your list is one of the hardest people to shop for. A thirteen year old boy.

Maybe he’s your son or nephew or cousin, either way finding Christmas gifts for a 13 year old boy is going to take some work. A teenage lad is one of the most difficult people to buy gifts for because pleasing a teenage boy is almost downright impossible.

It’s okay though. Deep breath, there are lots of things to think about when shopping for Christmas gifts for a teenage boy. There are a couple of things to think about.

Firstly, teenage boys are all about movement and action making them a little easier to consider. Secondly, thankfully technology is making toys cooler and more relevant to kids who are more and more plugged in.

Boys of all ages, even teenage boys, are extremely hands on learners making them natural builders. Additionally, they are fascinated by things they can take apart and build back the way they were as well building them differently and in some cases better.

They think and learn with their hands; what is better than getting them a toy or gadget that they will think is fun and awesome, but is also secretly teaching them and helping them learn to build, develop and repair.

Though, teenage boys are more difficult to shop for than most; there is a higher potential for a bigger payoff. Teenage boys are members of the family who are beginning to withdraw from family activities and from family members as a whole, getting them a present that they respond to and like will be rewarding.

Though they may not be super verbally grateful, there will be a moment when they open that present that is either so cool or they so desperately wanted that their face lights up. Even if it is only for a millisecond, it was there and you saw it. That is a reward in of itself.

Plus getting them a gift they really wanted or one they can really get into at least will prompt a conversation topic between the two of you, even if all you do is sit there with your eyes glazed over as they prattle on and on about their new gift.

Toys Your Boys Will Love!

Razor Crazy Cart

The Razor Crazy Cart is so much fun you won’t even believe it until you have a go on it!


Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

It’s the ultimate tandem of foam bow and arrows. A new design and shape that’s very sleek and easy to handle.


Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

This Street Hawk from Mattel is a toy that is exciting as it is innovative.


The best thing about finding the right Christmas gifts for a 13 year old boy is that toys for teenage boys have really improved. Teenage boys are hard customers and they don’t want to admit that they still want to play with toys; they want gadgets and tech advanced stuff.

They don’t want to be “playing” because they’re not little kids anymore, they want to be “hanging” with this gadget and fiddling around with it. So getting them that toy that gets them to play and bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood will be a huge win.

Childhood is short and fleeting and you are probably not willing to give theirs up even if they are; so be the cool but tricky parent who gets them that cool gadget that is secretly a toy they can play with. Because seeing them connect with whatever it is will be more rewarding to you than anything. There’s only so many Christmas years left before they just want money and are off on their own. Bring them back to childhood. Also check out gifts for young girls here.


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