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Hot Christmas Toys 2017 List – Hottest Toys Christmas 2017

 Hot Christmas Toys 2017Hot Toys Christmas 2017

It is only February, yet it feels like Christmas of last year was forever ago and the planning for this year has already begun. Now is the time to start identifying which toys will be the hot toys for Christmas 2017. It may seem like a difficult task to figure out which toys will be the hottest toys, but one easy way to predict is to assess which toys were popular last Christmas, and more importantly, why they were so popular.

This year’s hot toys will likely have a similar appeal to the toys that were popular in previous years. There are certain characteristics or appeal that they may have in common. When you are in search for the best Christmas toys for 2017 you can start by considering the following criteria.

Hot Christmas Toy Exclusivity

Exclusivity follows basic economic and social principles. When the demand is high and the supply is limited, there will be an increased desire in being one of the lucky few to obtain that specific item. For example, the toy Shopkins has hundreds of options available for purchase. However, each Shopkin has a rating of common, exclusive, limited edition, rare, special edition, or ultra rare.

The rarer or more limited the Shopkin, the more it increases in demand and popularity. The Hatchimal craze that swept through the holiday season last year was in part because the toy became very difficult to find for purchase from Thanksgiving onward. Children want to be one of the lucky few that has the exclusive item that not all of their friends will have too.

What is key about the exclusive items is that as it gets closer to Christmas the demand of these items will increase even more so they will become more difficult to find as well as more costly. Therefore, you can never purchase these hot Christmas toys too early. If you purchase it early and decide later it is not the right gift the likelihood is high that you will be able to resell it due to the demand.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017 Technology

Technology has drastically changed the toy market over the past several decades. Each year new technology enhances previous versions of toys or creates new toys altogether. The best Christmas toys for 2017 may include some of the hot items with technological advances such as new gaming systems, drones, robots, or virtual reality headsets.

For example, last year’s release of the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Video included new flight assist features, which made it a popular drone choice for that year. Another popular toy was the Kidizoom Action Cam, which is comparable to a GoPro camera, but for children. It can attach to a bike, helmet, as well as be submerged under six feet of water.

Typically every year new features are added to existing technological toys or completely new, redesigned versions are released. If the child you are shopping for enjoys technologically-driven toys then you can periodically check for new release plans throughout the year to assess if the additional features or upgraded versions may make it a hot toy for Christmas 2017.

Traditional Hot Christmas Toys

There are classic toys that continue to be a massive hit each holiday season. These traditional toys such as play kitchens, legos, cars, games, and crafts have potential to be some of the hottest toys for Christmas 2017. The traditional toys that have a modern touch or that are redesigned to fit a new craze are typically the most popular type.

Uptown Espresso Kitchen won the People’s Choice Award for 2016 Toy of the Year Awards. This play kitchen takes the standard play kitchen and adds a modern, realistic and detail-oriented touch that appeals to children. Another of last year’s traditional toys, with a contemporary twist, that gained mass popularity was Bunchems. Bunchems are essentially modernized Legos in a colored ball shape that are squishy and have spikes that interlace so you can build any shape or design.

Other Lego sets like LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon, which was voted Boy Toy of the Year, combines a traditional, staple toy with a niche that is appealing to Star Wars fans.  If the child you are shopping for loves a certain character, television show, or theme then you will likely be able to find a traditional toy that is customized to that brand or modernized in order to achieve maximum Christmas gift success.

Simple Christmas Toys For 2017

It is highly likely that some of the hottest toys for Christmas 2017 will be simple toys or games that are completely unassuming. For example, Pie Face game took the game market by storm last Christmas and its popularity spread rapidly. It is an extremely simple, low-cost, and easy to play game. Its title exactly states the full extent of the game.

You set up the game by placing a hand lever base in front of your face with whipped cream on the hand portion. The players take turns twisting the lever nob until it releases and the player receives pie face. While a simple concept, Pie Face game videos are swamping the internet and demonstrate the endless entertainment it provides to both children and adults. Despite the technologically driven and e-connected toy craze, it is important to recognize any game or toy that brings simple fun and thrill has the potential to be a hot toy for Christmas 2017.

The criteria provides a simple baseline to assess the potential value of a new or updated toy throughout the course of the year. Hot toys for Christmas 2017 may fall into one, if not several, of the categories discussed. If the toy is exclusive, remember the longer you wait to purchase the toy the more complicated it may become. Also, while advanced technology-driven toys may seem like the hottest toys for Christmas be sure to not discount the traditional and simple toys that may unexpectedly steal the spotlight. You can decide which criteria and appeal suits the child you are shopping for to make sure the Christmas gift is an unforgettable one.

Hot Christmas Techy Toys 2017

Look out for these cool gadgets and geeky must have toys for 2017.

 Welly “Back to the Future” DeLorean – This is a treat for Back To The Future fans. This pack contains all three intricately detailed movie versions of the DeLorean time machine.

 3Doodler Start Essentials – This is the kid’s version of the 3Doodler pack and is a great way of turning any freehand illustrations into 3D models. The child friendly machine works without heat and is completely wireless. Each set comes with a variety of colors to help you create anything from small figures to huge buildings.

 Bladez Toyz Inflatable RC BB-8 – Bladez Toys has a collection of remote controlled inflatable Star Wars characters and they are all around 2 feet in height. The BB-8 character is easily the cutest using the cool remote you can whisk the BB-8 up and down your hallway or make it chirp its cute little sounds by pushing a button.

 Razor X Cruiser – This is a skateboard that moves all by itself. This skateboard is fitted with an electric motor to help you glide along. Simply stand on the board, push the stick on the wireless handheld remote and you are away.

 Micro Drone 3 – This is a third generation Micro Drone and is equipped with a gimbal stabilized HD camera. It can be flown using the included headset which gives you a first person view of what the drone is seeing. There is also a lightweight racing version available too.

Mardles Stories That Come To Life – These story books from Mardles bring stories to life using augmented reality built into the free app that you use on your mobile or tablet device. You can have fun with your kids by scanning the pages of the books and watch the animation come to life. You can even interact with all the characters themselves.

 C-Me Selfie Drone – Yes as if we didn’t have enough selfie tech toys this new edition to the market is by Revell and is still in its prototype version right now. It will shoot 8-megapixel stills or Full HD video and is GPS-controlled from a smartphone app.

VTech Star Wars Cameras – Vtech are back again but this time they are updating their line of child-friendly cameras. A number of their popular cameras will be Star Wars-branded and now you will be able to snap photos and even put yourself into the image itself with other Star Wars characters. After doing that you will be able to play augmented reality games like shooting down spaceships and fighting bad guys in real life surroundings. There will also be a camera watch version too.

 Hot Wheels – Bladez Quad Racerz – Now we have vehicles that will fly and drive. These are remote controlled quad copters that can move from air to land.

 Little Live Pets Surprise Chick – These look to be very similar to the Hatchimal toys of last year but are just a tad smaller. Basically you have a cute little chick inside an egg that will begin to chirp as soon as it has hatched. The Surprise Chick Toy will be released soon.

 Domgy – This is a kind of robotic pet that will interact with its environment. It expresses happiness, sadness and many other feelings and reveals a number of different responses when touched.



Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset

Air Hogs and DR1 Racing have partnered up in order to design the first-ever FPV (first person view) toy racing drone – Air Hogs DR 1 FPV Drone with Headset. With this racing drone, users will be able to experience what first-hand professional drone racing is all about – that’s right, you will finally get to feel the rush of high speed rushing with FPV streaming through the headset and a smartphone.

When Will This Drone Be Available?

You have to wait until fall 2017 in order to get your hands on the drone, but trust us, from what we already know about Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone with Headset, the wait is well worth it. This drone will combine the thrill of high-speed drone racing with an eye-in-in the sky perspective that will be delivered to a virtual reality headset. When the drone is released, it will cost a total of $99, which, if you’re familiar with drones, you’d know that this is a good price.


There’s an accompanying app that will allow the user to have a first-person view of their flight path – hence the “FPV” you see in the name. Individuals that use the headset will have an easier time when it comes to adjusting altitude and direction than by having to rely on line of sight alone

The View

Wearing the headset, it feels just like a VR headset. The headset should have little, if any form of light leakage. The view will be surprisingly shape and clear. When testing the device, some individuals reported a slight fight-eye effects when the drone approached a sharp turn.

Great for Advanced and Beginner Flyers

If you’re an experienced pilot, flying this drone won’t be hard as it looks precise enough in order to satisfy even those advanced pilots. However, as previously stated, beginners can also fly this drone.  The device can take a couple of bumps and crashes without being destroyed and it turns fairly easy.

At the time of writing this review, unfortunately, Spin Master hasn’t told us how much flight time you can expect from this drone. However, if we go from the Mission Drone or the Air Hogs Helix Ion, we could expect between 10-15 minutes in terms of battery life.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017 Bat Bot Extreme

Each year, new toys come out on the market that children (and some adults) can’t wait to get their hands on. From time to time, we see a variety of Batman toys emerge and right now, we have our eyes on Bat Box Extreme. If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ll want to read more about Bat Bot Xtreme. This is going to be one of the hottest Christmas toys of 2017.

What is Bat Bot Xtreme?

Bat Bot Xtreme is the ultimate toy created for Batman fans. Children will have a blast with this Super Hero as they work with him to defend Gotham City from all types of evil Super-Villain Attacks.

Bat Bot Xtreme stands a little over two-feet tall and due to this, he towers over the bad guys of Gotham City. Simply by turning the Power Pad, children can send this robot into an epic battle, and extend his wings and arms, preparing him for action. When they squeeze the trigger that is on the back of the Batbot, they will experience his super-charged punch.

Power Pad and Launch Projectiles

On the robot’s left shoulder, there’s a Power Pad. Turn that and his chest will open up, revealing a hidden elevator. On the robot’s shoulders, there’s launch buttons – when pressing those buttons, projectiles will launch.

Voice Changer

Children seem to get a kick out of being able to change their voice and we don’t blame them, it’s really cool hearing your voice transform into something else. The Batbot Xtreme offers a unique voice changer built into it. With this cool voice changer, they can take on those mean Super-Villains once and for all.

Imaginations Soar

With this toy, children’s imaginations will soar like never before. Along with imagination, cognitive comes into play. You see, storytelling and imaginative play helps children develop language skills – it can also help them gain a love of reading at an early age.


  • By turning the power pad on the right shoulder, battle mode will activate.
  • During battle mode, children can use the voice changer for some epic voice effects.
  • The toy is over 2 ft-tall and comes complete with punching fists, wings, a motorcycle, voice changer, and projectile launchers.
  • Batman figure can fit inside the elevator, which takes him straight up to the cockpit.
  • By pressing the buttons on the shoulders, he fires projectiles.
  • By turning the power pad to the left, the Batcycle will be revealed.
  • This includes the Batman figure, Batbot, 10 projectiles and Batcycle


Hot Toys Christmas 2017Hologram Barbie

Today, we have smart home speakers such as Echo that are capable of telling us the weather, researching stuff for us and telling us the weather for the day. However, looking at them, they can do so much, but they never really attach a face to their actions nor do they have any sense of sartorial style. At the CES this year (2017) in Las Vegas, Mattel revealed their latest creation …the Barbie Hello Hologram. If you don’t already know about the Hologram Barbie, we are here to tell you everything we have learned so far.

She is capable of cracking some pretty corny jokes, chatting about the weather (you know, that type of small talk) and even dancing. Yes, the Hologram Barbie is definitely a major improvement as it will get your little ones interested in the weather (you know, because the weatherman on television really isn’t all that interesting).

Mind you, we started out by talking about the smart speaker, but in all actuality, this isn’t like that. Mattel actually introduced a smart speaker at the CES, but this isn’t in the same category. The smart speaker is called the Aristotle. It is basically a caretaker for your child. Starting out, it monitors the baby and grows up with the child to serve such functions as a storyteller and a night light. The Hello Hologram, on another note, can be viewed as being more of a friend than anything.

No, Hologram Barbie isn’t able to control anything and she cannot order items from your favorite shopping site (that should be a relief to some of you). What she is capable of doing is pretty cool though! She is able to take part in small talk and answer simple questions, tell your children about the weather, keep a calendar and change her looks. Not only is she able to change her clothes, she can also change her  skin tone and her hair, giving a real personalized play experience.

At the Toy Fair this year, they had a Hologram Barbie on display – three types were available and were guessing that more will be added to the final product before they officially launch it.

Of course, there’s an app, but a smartphone is not required in order to use the Hologram. It does give parents some control over the little one’s interactions with it, like setting a certain bed time so that the child doesn’t sit up all night talking to the avatar. Another potential hot toy for Christmas 2017.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017Hot Wheels – Bladez Quad Racerz

Later this year, thanks to a partnership announces by Bladez Toys with How Wheels and Mattel, we’re going to witness the launch of a cool new toy – Hot Wheels R/C Bladez Quadz Racerz and already, we believe it is going to be a big hit.

Here we are, witnessing one of the world’s biggest licenses being combined with Bladez Toyz, so we could only wonder what is in store for the future. With these companies being combined, you should prepare yourself for a new range of innovative quadcopters that are going to take the vehicle racing world by storm.

When you get the Hot Wheelz – Bladez Quad Racerz, you will be able to race and fly this 2.4GHz radio control quadcopter both inside and outside. You can connect a racing chassis to drift, drive and race this beast. There’s a Starter Set with this quadcopter, handset and drive chassis that will be available starting this year (2017), in September.  For those that are seeking quads and race chassis for more racing excitement, there will be different expansion packs available. These expansion packs will give users the opportunity to build up a pretty impressive Hot Wheels collection.

As an added note, we feel the need to mention the fact that Bladez was awarded a Best New Toy accolade in the Action Toys category during the Toy Fair in London at Olympia.

Statement from the CEO at Bladez Toyz

The CEO at Bladez Toyz, Lain Morgan, stated “We’ve been working on this concept for a long time and can’t wait to see it come to market.”  Traditional, flying toys and quadcopters have been aimed at teenagers that are 14 years and above. However, we have witnessed a large gap in the market for children ages 6 to 12 and that is why Bladez Toyz decided to design a new vehicle toy.

50th Anniversary

Lain stated that further development of the product is on the table for the brand’s 50th anniversary, which will take place in 2018. Bladez Toys plans on releasing a commercial on television that will advertise this product – this can be seen later this year.

A Whole New World

With a collaboration with these two companies, there’s going to be a whole new world when it comes to Hot Wheels. Now, boys (and girls) are going to have yet, another innovative way they can play with their Hot Wheels.

Hot Toys 2017NERF Modulus Barrelstrike Blaster

For those of you that love everything Nerf, there’s a new toy that is about to emerge! Looking at all of the toys that are going to be released in 2017, it looks like children and adults are going to have a lot of fun!  Nerf is a name that many of us are familiar with – it’s a toy brand commonly found in every household with children. The particular toy we’re interested in today is the Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster. Is this toy something to look forward to? Let’s continue forward to find out if it’s something you’ll be interested in …

What is the Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster?

The Nerf Barrel Strike Blaster is the ultimate toy needed – with this toy at your side, you will be able to win all of those exciting Nerd battles! If you have one of these bad boys, the other kids will be jealous, no joke. Children will have the opportunity to build their own blaster to complete any battle or mission with the Nerd Modulus system – this is fully customizable.

By customizable, we mean you can customize modulus blasters with interchangeable accessories and create a variety of exciting combinations. Looking at the toy and reading about it, we found that over one hundred different combinations are possible. Each accessory, however, is sold separately, but that’s not that big of a deal, because it gives the little ones something to aim for and spend their allowance on. With over 100 different combinations, it’s going to be merely impossible to get bored of this Nerf toy …as if “bored” and “Nerf” are ever used together.

Take a look at these features

  • You can convert it from blaster to barrel attachment
  • Attaches to Nerf modules blasters – each one is sold separately
  • 4-shot blaster fires one dart at a time, making for accurate shooting

In the Box:

In the box, you will receive the following:

  • The blaster
  • The instructions (they’re easy to understand)
  • 4 darts
  • Batteries are not required for this product, so there will be no late night battery runs!

You can use it on its own, or use it to blast your way into battle. You can even attach it to a Nerd Modules blaster (that is sold separately) as a barrel extension. If you use it as a blaster, it can hold up to a total of four darts, firing each one one at a time.

Since it has over 1000 different combinations possible, he kids are going to have a lot of fun with this one, and there’s no denying that fact. Nerf toys are always big sellers and will be hot Christmas toys 2017.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: XPV Rock N’ Roll Groot

If you are a Marvel fan and you love everything about Groot, you’re going to be in for a big surprise when you see Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Rock N’ Roll Groot.  If you haven’t got the chance to learn about Rock N’ Roll Groot yet, that’s okay, because we are going to tell you everything we know so far …

What is Rock N’ Roll Groot?

Are you familiar with the first Guardians of the Galaxy? If so, you probably remember the character with the limited vocabulary named Groot. The movie ended with Groot looking much different and younger than he …or maybe it started the new movie: Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2. In this movie, Groot was reintroduced and he picks up where the character ended the first movie.

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 – XPV Rock N’ Roll Groot comes from Jakks Pacific – this is a toy version of Baby Groot as you see him in the second Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

In the movie, Groot likes to groove – so naturally, this toy will dance as soon as you play music. Included with the toy, you’ll have a remote control, so you will be able to make Groot move without music if you like. It has two buttons that make Groot spin in different directions – he can spin either counterclockwise or clockwise.

Is This a Fun Toy?

The Baby Groot character in the second movie is very cute. This R/C version is also very cute as it resembles him. We personally think you’re going to laugh as you watch his character spin around. When you control Groot, you’ll have a more interactive experience because you will be responsible for deciding which way you want Groot to go and how fast he should spin.

Who is the Toy For?

Rock N’ Roll Groot is for fans of Groot. It is created for ages four and up, and even adults like playing with it. Due to the simple controls, it’s great for young kids. As we said, fans of all ages will have fun with this cute little Groot. Simply having him on display on your desk will bring a smile to your face.

When Groot spins, his bowl lights up, which is really neat. Groot will require a total of six AA batteries in order to run. Those four batteries are included for the “Try Me” package. This means that you may need to replace them after you buy the toy. The second set of AA batteries are for the remote control and those are not included.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017DC Justice League Collectable Figures

DC Collectibles introduced their latest line of “toys” at the Toy Fair this year. While there were many new toys being announced, right now, however, the one that is really standing out from the crowd of the other products would be the DC Justice League (Movie) Collection Figures and for good reason ….

The Collectable Figures

These collectable figures are 12-inches in height. You will find the following collectible figures:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Aquaman
  • Cyborg
  • Flash

The Statues

We had a chance to take a quick peek at the statues (you can find the pictures posted throughout the Internet) and we must say, they look pretty impressive. While they are all really amazing statues, for us, the one that really stands out from the crowd would be Aquaman – perhaps that is because he has always been our personal favorite? Either way, we just cannot get over the way he looks.

Flash, with his neat looking costume, is another collectible figure that is really starting to grow on us. As far as the face sculpt for Wonder Woman goes, we aren’t really digging that, but some of you guys and girls may like it. It could just be the angle they have her. Superman is another figure from the collectible set that we couldn’t be any happier with. Batman is another statue that is never going to disappoint its collectors. In 2017, they decided to keep with the Black and White trend, which we personally believe was a good move.

Each collectible will come on a Justice League symbol base so that you can easily sit it in your display cabinet.

Just so you know, it has been revealed that the statues for the film will retail at $150. Yes, that’s $150 for a statue and each statue is unique as it is limited to a run of 5,000 per statue. This means only 5,000 of each statue will be created, making them well worth the price.

When DC showed off their Justice League movie statues, the crowd became really interesting and it becomes obvious that DC isn’t abandoning any comic fans.

When will these collectible figures become available to the public?

With only 5,000 of each statue being released to the public, it would be a good idea to be one step ahead of the crowd. For this reason, you obviously need to know when these collectibles are scheduled to hit the store shelves. At the time of writing this review, we discovered that the release date is set to coincide with the opening of the film, which is in November of 2017. look out for these Hot Christmas Toys 2017.

best Hot Toys Christmas 2017Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle

During the toy fair 2017, we noticed many new and exciting upcoming toys that you guys/girls may want to purchase for Christmas, Birthdays, or as a “just because gift.” While there are many amazing toys that were announced (they all deserve their chance in the spotlight), we are going to be focusing on one particular toy right now – the Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle playset. This playset right here would make a great gift for that little girl in your life.

Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle playset is set to be released this spring (that’s very soon). There are lights on the playset, which will be a major eye catcher. There are also gears, reversible rooms, slides, magic interaction points for those mermaid figures and we cannot forget about the sounds – all of this will create hours and hours of fun time for your little girl.

Pearl, the mermaid, comes with this set.

By flipping the switch and pressing a button on Pearl, a little light on her torso will light up. She is responsible for activating certain parts of the toy set. There’s a little switch on the playset, turn that, the magical seashell will open, pop Pearl inside of that and that’s where the fun starts.

Lots of Accessories

With the Go! Go! Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle Playset, you will find a lot of accessory pieces that are included along with Pearl. These accessories will keep children having fun for a long time. We also feel the need to mention the neat play area that is in the back of the set – it’s a whole new world.


This play set is great for children that are 18 months old up to age 5. So, if you purchase this playset for a child that is 18 months old, they’ll be able to use this play set for four and a half years and they probably won’t get bored of it either! This might just become her favorite toy – the type of toy she remembers when she is older. Who knows, maybe she will end up passing the toy down to her own little girl one day (we know, she’s still young, but you’ve got to think about the future, right?).


The actual playset does not require batteries. However, Pearl, the mermaid will require a total of 2 AAA batteries. Batteries are sold separately.

Another good feature of this playset would be the fact that you can easily clean it. Children are prone to spilling things, so if they accidentally spill their sippy cup on this playset, you can easily clean it up so that it doesn’t get sticky.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler

From time to time, a toy hits the market that makes us say “why wasn’t this around when we were children?” Well, there’s a cool new toy on the block that has all of the kids going wild with every roar it makes – it’s Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler and today, we are here to tell you all about it …

What is Hasbro’s Roarin’ Tyler?

Roarin’ Tyler is the latest addition to Hasbro’s well-known line of Furreal friends. It is the perfect match for little ones that enjoy pets.  Tyler is more than just a plush toy – he is capable of talking and making sounds. It looks a lot like a real tiger and has super soft fur, a pair of bright green eyes and a ferocious mouth that is full of teeth.

When the tiger roars, you’re going to see an instant smile spread across your child’s face …and possibly even yours.  What makes the tiger roar anyways?


While the children can play with it and believe it’s magic that makes it all happen, it’s the sensors that are responsible for making this animatronic so cute. The Roarin’ Tyler has sensors on its head, nose and back. This means each time you touch it’s head, nose or back, you will receive a cute response from it.


Sounds – Roarin’ Tyler features a total of 100-plus motion and sound combinations with sensors on his nose, head and back. With each touch in those spots, he will respond in a different fun way.

Cuddle Him – You can pull him close to you and cuddle with him, thanks to the neat way his back legs were designed. After the children are all “roared” out, they can enjoy playtime with him as he is capable of responding to his squeaky toy (that’s right, just like a dog, he likes squeaky toys). With this amazing jungle pet rom Hasbro, children can experience fun, playtime moments.

While Tyler has a large amount of features that will keep the children busy for hours on end, deep down, he is a lovable cuddle buddy.


This pet is recommended for ages 4 and up. With this playful tiger, children can make every day as magical as the last.


The Squeaky Toy

Let’s talk more about that squeaky toy …this tiger comes with a bright yellow squeaky toys – he recognizes this toy and responds to it with energy and spunk. I the child puts it close enough to his mouth, he will also chew on the toy.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017WowWee Digiloom Machine

At the toy fair this year (2017), did you get a chance to look at everything? If you didn’t go, we’re going to tell you right now, you missed out on a lot of amazing toys that will be making their way to the market in the near future. While there are many neat toys, there were some that really stood out from the crowd for us for a variety of reasons. One of those toys was the WowWee Digiloom Machine – perhaps that’s because we could see our own kids playing with it as this is their type of thing? Either way, today, we are here to tell you what we have learned about the WowWee Digiloom Machine so far.

An Introduction to WowWee

Before we go into details about the Digiloom, we believe it would be a good idea to first introduce you to the company – WowWee. This is a privately owned company that is based on Hong Kong. They are well-known for focusing on “breakthrough consumer technologies.” They are a leading designer, marketer, developer and distributor of high-tech consumer entertainment products.

An Introduction to the Wowwee Digiloom Machine

The WowWee Digiloom Machine is the type of machine your little girl will be asking for as soon as she sees it available on the shelf. This machine will help your little one create accessories, like bracelets, they can wear or give to their friends.

Companion App

The Wowwee Digiloom machine comes with a companion app that will help you design your own headband, bracelet or whatever else you choose to weave using the digiloom machine.

Friendship Bracelets

Think about it – back when you were a kid, did you like making friendship bracelets? Perhaps you were given your own friendship bracelet that was handcrafted by your best friend? Friendship bracelets are given to prove that two people will be “BFF’s 4-ever.” Of course, in the past, friendship bracelets took a bit of time to make because we didn’t have machines available – machines, like the WowWee Digiloom that would do it for us.

Friendship bracelets are something that have been appearing on the wrists of people of all walks of life, both young and old – think about it …it’s nothing new. So a machine like the Digiloom would definitely be helpful.


Not only will the Digiloom machine help you make a friendship bracelet, it will also help make headbands that you and your friends can wear in your hair. Keep your eye out for these Hot Christmas Toys 2017.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017WowWee Elmo Coding Robot

Experts have stated that robots are a great way to introduce children to STEM and this is one of the reasons we see so many robotic toys and kits that are introducing STEM concepts to the little ones – some good, some not so good. Some of them actually lack the personality it takes in order to truly connect with the little one. However, WowWee, a well-known toy company has found a way to connect with children – this is when they introduced the WowWee Elmo coding robot.

Who is Creating this Robot?

Sesame Workshop and WowWee Robotics are working together in order to co-develop the Emoji Coding Robot. This new toy made its debut at the CES in Las Vegas this year (2017) and it is expected to ship later this year. Emoji looks and works like WowWee’s Coji coding robot, which many of you may already be familiar with.

Who is This Robot for?

This robot would be best for children that are three years and older. That’s right, children as young as three can start using this robot!

What Does Elmoji Teach?

Elmoji will be teaching little ones basic programming skills by utilizing the language of visual emojis.  If you haven’t already figured it out, “Elmoji” is an abbreviation for Elmo along with his Emoji friends.

Through an app (free of charge), Elmoji helps build those reading skills. He also allows the little ones to play games that control the actions of Elmoji. This is a fab robot that will teach children how to code using Emoji’s. Together, WowWee and Sesame Street are creating an Elmo-themes version of the popular Coji, which looks like a whole lot of fun packed all in one toy.

Personally, we like the approach these companies have taken and it is a great way to get in the minds of the little ones so that they can learn while they’re having fun with one of their favorite characters. Mind you, this isn’t just one of those branding exercises – these two companies are working together in order to come up with educational content that will capture the attention of their audience.

Of course, Elmoji isn’t going to teach children how to build a robot that can cook dinner, but like we said before, it’s going to introduce the little one to STEM skills.

 Hot Christmas Toys 2017UBTech AstroBot

Have you walked into a toy store lately? In this day and age, you’re going to find more STEM bundles than a florist – really, there are so many of them. At the Toy Fair this year, which was held in New York, there was a large amount of new toys being introduced. In fact, it feels as if every company had a new circuit board or robot set to teach children the joys of building electronics.

One of the robot kits that really stood out from the crowd this year was the UBTech Astrobot kit – this is something that can be built into one of three different characters, then once it is put together, it can be programmed via a simple mobile app that you can download. If all of this sounds interesting to you, continue forward to find out more on the UBTech Astro Bot.

Here’s what we know so far about the UBTech AstroBot. For starters, you’re probably wondering when the AstroBot will be available and how much it will cost. We believe the AstroBot will be available to purchase this spring (2017) and the price will be $199.

The UBTech AstroBot has an infrared sensor that is responsible for preventing it from bumping into objects as you’re letting it move around. There’s also a speaker along with a pair of 16-color LEGs which will allow it to show amazing colors and sounds.

You can use a mobile device to move the robot around and manipulate its hands so that it picks up and carries something (it has to be light in weight, of course).

Programming the AstroBot

We also couldn’t help but to notice just how easy it is to program the AstroBot. With the app installed on any Android or iOS device, you can use what is called Blockly. If you would like to get more advanced and do some actual code, there’s a button that will show your application written in Swift, which is a popular programming language.

Looking at the company and seeing what else they are offering, we find seven other kits that they already have on the market. One is the TankBot, another is a tread-based robot. These are pretty cool bots, but when comparing them to the upcoming AstroBot, they don’t have the LED lights or design flexibility. Make sure to look out for these Hottest Toys Christmas 2017.

Toys Christmas 2017VTech Electronics Star Wars Stormtrooper Camera Watch

At the Toy Fair this year, we discovered some pretty cool toys that made us wish they created them for adults. While there are many amazing toys that were announced, today, we would like to give you a close look at the VTech Electronic Star Wars Stormtrooper Camera Watch as this is one that stood out from the crowd of the others for Star Wars fans.

At the Toy Show, many had the chance of trying on the new VTech Electronic Star Wars Stormtrooper camera watch and have concluded that they are great for any young Star Wars fan.

When it comes to this watch, there are two versions that are available. You can get it in either First order trooper or BB8 color schemes – it comes complete with matching straps. No, it’s not an actual smartwatch – it isn’t capable of connecting to your phone nor does it have GPS tracking for children, but don’t let that discourage you, because this gadget does have some pretty cool and useful features that children will enjoy.

While there are multiple features that are available, the most notable would be the camera – nto because it takes photos, but because it is also capable of capturing video.  No, the camera isn’t going to come close to the one you have on your phone, it’s not meant to replace it. The camera, however, is meant for children to have fun with.

The watch can be operated via a touch screen. On the side of the device, you’ll find a menu button, which makes switching modes easy and fast.

Play Games on the Screen

The screen is small, but it will allow you to play games on it. There’s also a built-in accelerometer that plays a pretty cool sound effect every time the user sweeps their arm in the air – this is something children will like, because what child doesn’t like cool sound effects?


The sound isn’t going to annoy parents or people around you, because it’s not all that loud. However, children may not be happy with the volume of the sound as they’ll want to hear the light-saber effects in full stereo.

Swiping and Tapping the Screen

When you gently swipe across the screen, the watch face will change. If you want to change the background on the screen, simply tap the interface and watch it change before your eyes. Always a hot toy for Christmas.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017Pixlplay Camera

Do you recall that cool smartphone you originally got 5 years ago? You probably tossed it in a drawer somewhere because that’s where all smartphones go when you get a newer version. Now, there may be a reason to bring that old smartphone back and it involves Pixlplay Camera, which is what we’re going to introduce you to in this review.

Pixl Toys developed a new way to bring those old smartphones back from the dead as an exciting 35mm style camera that the little ones can use. PixlPlay launched on Kickstarter not too long ago, and many people are already interested in it.

PixlPlay Keeps it Simple

What’s cool about the PixkPlay Camera is the fact that it’s not hard at all – PixlPlay has done a good job at making sure they keep it simple. Children love electronics and gadgets, but those tiny hands and feet are continuously moving, which can spell a real disaster for delicate gadgets, like the newest Samsung tablet.

With the PixlPlay, you don’t have to worry, because it will keep your phone secure and keep things simple. There’s no pairing that needs to be done, no apps you need to install and none of those aggravating configuration headaches. All you have to do is put the phone in, plug the cable into the headphone jack and hand the 35mm style toy camera over to your children. Yes, it really is that easy.

Taking Photos is Exciting

While it’s a toy, it is still exciting to use the camera to take pictures. Think about it – what child doesn’t have fun taking photos?  When it comes to freezing your dog, your sibling, your cat, your parents and all of the above, there’s just something mesmerizing about it.

PixlPlay doesn’t add any complications to this formula. In fact, the more we learn about this toy camera, the more we see that it actually enhances the excitement of taking pictures.

There’s large buttons and knobs that children can turn. These buttons and knobs make it easy for a child to feel like that are professional photographers.  Kid will be able to use the phone as normal through a splash-resistant, touch-sensitive protective case and simply by using the shutter button on top, they can snap photos.

While you aren’t required to download any apps in order to use it, there is a neat companion iOS app that will let you edit photos with frames and digital features. It works well with existing photography and camera programs. Stretch goals include a sticker sheet, activity cards and an Android application.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017Air Hogs Drift Drone

We have had the opportunity to fly many drones around our home, so when we saw the Air Hogs Drift Drone being introduced during the toy fair, which was held in New York this year (2017), we got super excited. If you’re currently on the market for a new drone and you’re getting into the racing section, then Air Hogs Drift Drone might just be a viable option for you. Today, we are going to take some time to introduce you to this cool drone so that you can see what it’s all about.

An Introduction to Air Hogs

First, before we tell you about the drift drone, we would like to give you a brief introduction to Air Hogs. Before you go out and buy something, whether it is a toy, microwave, vehicle, or laptop, it is always a good idea to read about the company to see what they are all about. Air Hogs are radio controlled, air-powered and free-flying aircraft. Most of the remote-controlled vehicles have been designed to be flown without having to assemble any parts and that is something many people like about them.

Air Hogs was created back in 1996 when British inventors Peter Manning and John Dixon approached Spin Master with their ideas. Spin Master liked the idea so much that they licensed the technology and spend a couple of years and half a million dollars perfecting the toy.

Now, hundreds of Air Hogs later, here we are, staring at Air Hogs Drift Drone and as you can assume, this one lives up to the expectations. We couldn’t help but to notice Air Hogs’ next line of toy drones have lowered the price and difficulty barriers and it looks as if they are putting some attention towards racing drones, which is what this Air Hogs drive Drone is.

This is a palm-sized quad that has a camera mounted on the front. The camera is capable of live streaming video straight to your phone or mobile device like a tablet. For safety, this drone has ducted propellers, so the propellers won’t hurt the little ones. Once the user has a handle on things, they can shut the sensor off and enjoy the exciting drifting experience that comes with this drone.

Beauty and the Beast: App Controlled Belle

The live-action version of the story that made its way to the theaters on March 17, 2017 was everything we expected it to be, and then some. Watching our favorite characters come to life and hearing the fantastical songs was beautiful. Not too long ago, we discovered the Beauty and the Beast: App-Controlled Belle, which was announced at the toy fair this year. Since Belle just so happens to be one of our favorite characters from Beauty and the Beast, we just had to dig deeper to see what this “toy” is a about.

Real Beauty Unfolds Before Your Eyes

Looking at this app-controlled Belle, you will feel as if real beauty has unfolded before your eyes. This is a finely crafted “doll” that looks very similar to the way she looked in Disney’s reimaging of Beauty and the Beast. The

Regardless of how this Belle doll looks, we already know that many of you are going to purchase it simply because you are a big fan of Beauty and the Beast and we’re right up that street with you. However, as far as the appearance of the doll goes, it’s pure perfection. If you’re not a fan of Beauty and the Beast, you may not like the appearance of Bell, but as a Disney fan, we feel that this is simply adorable.

While reading some reviews on other Beauty and the Beast dolls, there were reviewers calling the doll “ugly” and personally, we do not see where the word “ugly” comes into play, because Belle is anything but that. Disney has obviously put a large amount of fine detail and artistry into it. If you buy this, you will want to keep it safe, because we feel as if this is going to be something that is worth collecting.

If you’re a collector, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing that this doll is going to last for years to come. Looking at it, we see that it is made of high quality.

Control the Doll Via an App

Now, here we are, at the good part of this doll. The really cool feature of the doll is the fact that you can control it via an app. Imagine being able to control Belle through your smartphone or iPhone. All you have to do is download the app (free, with the purchase of the doll) and you can start controlling her.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017Bubble Ball [Zuru]

Smash into your friends, crawl, and roll in a giant bubble ball – that’s what the Bubble Ball (Zuru) is all about and watching videos on it, it seems like a lot of fun. Here we are, staring at another “toy” that makes us adults say “why couldn’t we have that when we were younger?” In fact, some of us might put the “adult” aspect to the side for a bit and jump in a bubble ball where we can smash, crawl, and roll right alongside the kids! Today, we are here to tell you what we know about the Bubble Ball (Zuru), so if you have children, this is something you should pay attention to …

Setting it Up

The setup is fairly simple. They can inflate up to four feet. It even comes with patches, so if you have any problems, you can use a patch in order to fix it. However, at the time of writing this review on Bubble Ball, we haven’t really found any other reviewers reporting problems with holes – perhaps this is because the Bubble Ball has been built from top of the line material?

When it comes to setting it up, you will be required to use your own pump – an electric pump would do a great job. It should take between 5-8 minutes in order to get it fully inflated.

Putting it On

There’s two handles on the front and straps on the back, so you can strap it onto you without it falling off.  There’s two straps that you put your arms through and you basically hold on to the two handles.

The only problem is, when you buy one, you’ll want to buy two because these are super fun when to battle each other with. You can bounce around, roll around on the ground, go down hills and have super fun battles with your friends.

Some of the reviewers have said that when it comes to falling, if you try to block the fall, it won’t save you and could do more damage than good. So, when you feel as if you’re about to fall, simply go with the fall. When you first go to fall while in the ball, your body may try to naturally block the fall. However, in due time, you will get used to it and learn to just go with the flow of the ball. Yet more hot Christmas toys 2017.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S. Pawcation Royal Yacht

Disney has so many cool toys, and for this reason, when it comes time for a child to spend that allowance, they’ll stand in the aisle forever as they’re trying to pick the toy they really want to take home with them. If your child has an allowance and she’s looking for a new toy, then we recommend Disney’s Palace Pets – S.S Pawcation Royal Yacht because it truly is adorable.

What is Disney’s Palace Pets

What’s really cool about this toy boat is that it can really float in water. For this reason, it is fun for the child to play with during bath time, and she can take it to the pool with her during pool time.  The child can use it out of the water as well, making for imaginative play.

What Does the Boat Come With?

The boat comes with an exclusive figure of Otto, which is one of Ariel’s pets. There’s a story on the back of the package that tells us how Ariel was singing on Prince Eric’s ship when she heard another voice – it was Otto singing along with her.

This is a shiny otter pup that is wearing a sailor’s hat with a glittery pink bow on its sea-green tail. Children can have fun with Otto and let him man the wheel of the ship, or let him take a dip in the paw-printed shaped pool that can be filled up with water. The set also comes with a neat looking pineapple table with a palm tree umbrella that can be attached behind the wheel or at the front of the ship.

Is This Toy Fun to Play With?

If your little girl is a fan of Palace Pets, then yes, this will be fun to play with. This one adds the exclusive Otto figure to their collections. With everything available here, and by using their imagination, children will get the opportunity to play many different types of sea-faring adventures with this toy.

Due to the fact that the boat can float, children will be able to play with it in the tub or at the pool, but don’t worry, because it is just a much fun when they’re on dry land. Children can play out what they seen on the television show or make up their own Pawcation-themed stores. Plus, we also have to include the fact that there’s going to be some pretty awesome character roleplay here due to Ariel’s pets.

This toy is for ages 4 and up. Children that enjoy collecting the Disney Princess Palace Pets toys and watching the television show are going to enjoy adding this to their collection of toys. Just imagine all of the sea-fairing adventures with Ariel’s pets!

Hot Christmas Toys 2017IQ Key’s Green Solar Kit

Over the past couple of years, S.T.E.M toys have really taken the world by storm. More and more parents are turning to these toys because they believe they are the best for their kids and they’re right. These are the skills that children need to adjust to in order to stay relevant in today’s tech-centric world. While there are many different STEM toys currently available on the market, the one we would like to talk to you about today is one that isn’t out yet, it’s the IQ Key’s Green Solar Kit. In this review, we’re going to tell you what we already know about IQ Key’s Green Solar Kit, so pay close attention …

What does IQ Key’s Green Solar Kit Focus on?

IQ Key’s Green Solar Kit is fully focused on the mechanics of engineering and construction. Using the solar panels, children can build a total of five models. Children will spend hours on end putting together the solar operated models with the practical engineering kit.

The Green solar kit allows individuals to construction functional models that move and rotate. This is done by using the electrical parts, plastic models and clear polycarbonate capsules.

Why is the capsule clear? That is a question many children may ask. The capsules are clear in order to ensure the workings of the gears – the gears can easily be seen by the users so that they can gain an understanding of the mechanical workings of each model.

Instruction Manual

Of course, this kit, along with every other kit offered by this company, comes with an instruction manual. This one in particular comes with an eight page instruction manual with step-by-step instructions on putting each model together. Each model can be put together between one and four steps. Since there aren’t a whole lot of steps to follow, putting the model together will be easy for children. This will be one of the hot Christmas toys 2017.

In the guide, they outline the components, how to assemble and connect the different parts, and they explain the purpose of each capsule. They also explain how the solar panels operate, which is pretty cool. The instruction guide also has a memo page, so users can write down any observations or notes they feel necessary.

Toys 2017Love2Learn Elmo

Elmo …just mentioning his name sends his laugh through my ears. There’s just something about this little red guy that makes us smile. Perhaps it’s all of those memories of watching Sesame Street on rainy afternoons? Either way you go, Elmo certainly isn’t a name that is new to the scenes.

In fact, he first appeared back in 1972 and ever since then, he has been a big hit. Do you remember many many Christmases ago when “Tickle Me Elmo” was a “must have?” You literally had people fighting in the store over the last Tickle Me Elmo.  Now, we have Love2Learn Elmo to look forward to and surely, he’s going to be something your little ones want this holiday season, especially if they are Elmo fans!

Since you may be buying this in the near future, we believe it is only fair that you learn all about the product. This way, you will be able to tell whether or not this is a viable option for your child …

Here we are, staring at a new Elmo toy, 20 years since Tickle Me Elmo was established. We have noticed every year, a new signature Elmo doll is released and there’s no complains about that. This year, though, there’s the Love2Learn Elmo and we actually had the opportunity of seeing him during the Toy Fair in New York.

When it comes to a new Elmo doll, you know what you’re getting – a lot of positivity in that sweet Elmo voice, lots of belly rubs, and we cannot leave out the singing. Elmo LOVES to sing …surely you’ve noticed this?  Love2Learn Elmo build on to all of that, but he is much more than just an educational toy that teaches the little one how to use the potty or laughs when you tickle his tummy – he’s a helpful assistant.

Companion App

There’s a neat companion app and that is where a lot of the value is nesting. Parents can download the companion app free of charge on their tablets or smartphones. By using the app, parents can find Elmo-led lessons in a large amount of categories. Some of the categories include numbers, colors, foods, letters, shapes and animals. You can enter the little one’s name in the app, which will let Elmo use their name, giving the toy a personal touch that the children will love.  In the past, as a child, if you had the opportunity, wasn’t it cool when a toy mentioned your name?

Apart from the normal school stuff, Elmo is capable of helping parents teach their children life basics as well. There’s a parent helpers section in the app that will allow you to have Elmo say things that are related to brushing teeth, potty training, and even household chores. Elmo can prompt children to clean their rooms or use the bathroom and offer positive reinforcement afterwards – this can all be controlled and prompted by you from the app.

There’s also a large amount of bonus educational games in the app that little ones will enjoy – for example, there’s one that involved finding animals in a picture. Again, his app can connect with Elmo in order to make the experience even more fun, with Elmo sitting next to them giving positive feedback and exciting facts. This will be one of the hottest Christmas toys of 2017.

Toys Christmas 2017Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Helmet

Did you get a chance to see the Toy Fair that was held this year (2017)? During the Toy Fair, there were so many different toys from well-known companies being showcased. Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Helmet just so happens to be one of those “toys” that really stood out from the crowd. Today, we are here to tell you everything we know about this toy …

For those of you that are looking for a crazy set of wireless headphones or a cyborgian helmet, or perhaps both, then the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic helmet is something you may be interested in.

At the time of release, you will need to pay $100 in order to get this helmet, but if you look at what it is, that is a real bargain as the helmet has built-in Bluetooth headphones.

This helmet (complete with headphones) is made for adults from all walks of life as the adjustable plastic helmet can fit any adult-sized heads. During the announcement, at the booth, Hasbro offered  prototype that had an external Bluetooth speaker, which showed us an idea of how it may sound when it is released. Mind you, don’t expect something like Beats – it’s not going to have AptX support, pinpoint imaging or an expansive soundstage. It’s not made for audiophiles, but it is made for cosplay fans and individuals that have a good sense of humor and just want to have fun and joke around.

Since the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Startlord electronic helmet is set to release this fall (2017), perhaps it would be just the accessory you need in order to complete your Halloween costume. Regardless, if you wear this thing in the subway, people are probably going to stay away from you.  For listening to Daft Punk, Buckethead, MF Doom, or you know, Helmet, this would probably be the go-to can.

When you put it on your head, you may feel as if you are wearing a hockey mask – if you wear glasses, you will need to remove them. What many people seem to like the most about the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Helmet would be the fact that it connects to Bluetooth.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017Mattel’s Fully Loaded Batmobile / Justice League Ultimate Batmobile

Regardless of who you are, whether you loved the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or hated it, there is no denying the fact that Batman has some of the coolest toys on the block. Justice League, the upcoming sequal, has promised to raise the bar for caped-crusader gadgetry and turn the Batmobile into the ultimate superhero vehicle – and Mattel is behind it all. At the toy fair this year (2017), which was held in New York, Mattel’s fully loaded Batmobile/Justice League Ultimate Batmobile was introduced to the crowd. If you didn’t get the opportunity to see it, you really missed out on something cool. However, that is okay, because we are here to tell you what we know about Justice League Ultimate Batmobile.

Yes, Mattel is a company that is known for making kid’s toy, but this fall, they will be offering something that is a bit more mature. In time for the new “Justice League” movie, Mattel will be releasing the Justice League Ultimate Batmobile that will retail at $249. Yes, we know, the price is pretty high, but don’t look at this as if it is just another high-priced model of a car – it is pretty cool …from what we have seen, it really is the ultimate Batmobile as it is packed with a whole lot of awesomeness.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Design

We feel that you should know that this Batmobile is based on the design from Bathman vs Superman: Darn of Justice. The details are so good that when we looked at the batsuit, we could actually see the fine etchings. There were even spots where the Batmobile’s paint was rubbed off – this replicates the wear and tear that it goes through and boy does it go through some wear and tear.

Personally, to be honest with you, we could have spent hours just looking at the nooks and crannies of the Batmobile …it’s more than a model, by the way.

Control the Ride

When you play with this bad boy, you will be able to control it with a tablet or a smartphone. As you drive the car from your tablet or smartphone through the mean streets of Gotham AKA your living room, you can see Batman’s hands turning the steering wheel (that is a pretty good added effect). If you look closely, you will see the dashboard lighting up as it corresponds with the action.

Here’s something that is even better – it has an embedded camera, so you can get a “bat’s-eye” view of what Batman comes across. You can share these exploits on Snapchat or any social networking site you want.

Pawzplay – DC Universe Dogs

Each year, new toys comes out and every year, we are mesmerized by the new gadgets. While Pawzplay – DC Universe Dogs may not be a “gadget,” they are still something that stands out from the crowd due to the popularity behind Cosplay. If you are into cosplay, or know someone that is, then you might be interested in Pawsplay – DC Universe Dogs. Looking online, there’s not a whole lot of information in regards to Pawsplay, but that is because it has just been announced. Today, we are here to tell you what we know about PAwsplay – DC Universe Dogs.

An Introduction to DC Universe

First, we would like to introduce you to DC Universe. DC Universe is a fictional universe that you find in most American book titles that have been published by DC Comics. This includes Superman, Batman, an Wonder Woman – they are from that universe. This universe also contains popular supervillains, like Lex Luthor, Joker, and Darkseid.

An Introduction to Cosplay

Now, we would like to introduce you to Cosplay. Cosplay …what can we say about it? Long story short, cosplay is a contraction of the words “costume play.” Participants of this performance art are called “cosplayers.” Cosplay is for both male and females. Cosplayers wear fashion accessories and costumes in order to represent a specific character.  Favorite sources include anime, manga, cartoons, comic books, live-action films, television series and of course, video games. Cosplay is a hobby that started back in the 1990s and since then, there has been a rapid growth in the number of cospayers.

If you plan on dressing up as a character from DC universe, some of you aren’t going to be complete without a lovely companion by your side – this is where the Pawsplay dog comes into play.

An Introduction to PawzPlay – DC Universe Dogs

Now, it’s time to be introduced to PawzPlay – Dc Universe Dogs! Each year, Factory Entertainment releases some amazing new items to introduce at the Toy Fair. This year, they went all out as they introduced “PawzPlay.”


Hot Toys Christmas 2017Pie Face Sky High

Have you visited the toy store lately? There’s so many amazing toys currently on the shelves, with even more coming out later this year. While there are many cool toys and gadgets coming out, we would like to take a minute or two to look at the Pie Face Sky High.

What is Pie Face Sky High?

With the Pie Face Sky High, someone will be sure to get a yummy pie in their face – is it going to be use? The premise behind it is simple – basically all you have to do is turn the pie thrower on and see if you get a pie slung in your face. There’s true anticipation nesting behind this game, which is what drives excitement of this game, making it suitable for members both young and old.

Who Would Benefit from Pie Face Sky High?

Like we said, it is suitable for members of different generations. It’s great to use during sleepovers, family gatherings and even grown-up get-togethers. That’s right, this isn’t just a “toy” for the little ones – adults can have a lot of fun with this as well.

Setting it Up

When it comes to setting it up, it’s quick and easy – there’s a reason it has received a large amount of attention


  • Everyone five and up can play this game
  • Fun to bring out during group gatherings


  • Mediocre quality. This means it probably isn’t going to last more than a couple of years, but that is okay, because you can get your fair share of fun with this.

Do You Use Real Pie?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to use a real pie. The “pie” can be the included sponge. Some people choose to use shaving cream, but that doesn’t taste so well and it burns the eyes.

Included in the Box

In the box, the following items are included:

  • Pie Thrower
  • Pair of Handles
  • Throwing Arm
  • Splash Guard
  • Chin Rest
  • Spinner
  • Sponge


Basically, with this game, players take turns clicking the pie thrower according to the number they have spun.  Each time you get through all your clicks for that turn, you receive one point. When you get “pied,” this means zero points will be given for that turn. The first player that reaches 25 points wins the game. This game is a game of luck and you never know when it’s going to go off and sling a pie sky high. This is going to be one of the hottest Christmas toys of 2017.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

When you hear the name “Lego,” what do you think of? Many people instantly jump to building blocks. Of course, over the past couple of years, Lego has expanded into robotics, and video games, but the heart of Lego has always been about playing and building. Lately, Lego has been focused on meeting the growing demands and trying to find ways to get children more tech connected, while remaining true to their building roots. During the 2017 CES, which was held in Las Vegas, we saw the answer to this – it’s nesting behind the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend the CES this year, you definitely missed out on a lot of amazing toys. However, don’t let that bother you too much, because we have all the information you need in regards to the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox.


This teaches the basics of coding, but there is a strong emphasis on playing and building. When someone mentions a new Lego robotics kit, what do you think of? Many think of Lego Mindstorms and start to compare the new kit to Mindstorms. We’re going to tell you right now, Lego Boost isn’t as intimidating as Mindstorms and it is much more accessible.

The Lego Boost really plays up on the play and build aspect of creating robots. Children can definitely learn the basics of programing and coding. However, despite it all, it’s important to remember that Lego Boost isn’t going to replace Mindstorms.


  • Take a look at the key features of the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox:
  • Move Hub – This features Bluetooth Lower Energy connectivity, activation button, two encoded motors, a light and an internal tilt sensor.
  • Color and Distance Sensor – The color and distance sensor is there in order to detect motion, distance, color and function as a light.
  • Interactive Motor – The interactive motor is an encoded motor.
  • Vernie’s Head – You can rotate Vernie’s head in order to activate its shoulder-mounted spring-loaded shooter. This technique, alone, can be quite fun.


Mattel’s the Fast and the Furious RC Dom’s Car

Fast & Furious is a global film franchise that is packed full of action – this franchise is built on pulse-pounding stunts, speed, and of course, supercharged cars. There are a variety of car figures on the market for the little ones to play with, like the Fast 7 Furious Vehicle 3 packs that features fan favorites from the movies, including tuner, exotic, muscle and classic cars – these are great cars to add to your fast and furious collection, but keep in mind that these are cars that you simply play with like the traditional car figures, then when you’re done, they sit on the shelf. If you’re looking for something that has a more serious side to it – something that has some power, then you’re in for a real treat. Today, we are going to introduce you to Mattel’s the Fast and the Furious RC Dom’s Car.

This is a 1970 Off-Road Dodge Charger R/C that comes to us from Jada. At the time of writing this review, from what we can see, there aren’t a whole lot of Fast and Furious Licensed R/C cars available, so we’re glad we were able to get our hands on this one.

Jada was able to obtain the licensing to create some cars from the Fast and Furious movie “Furious 7 in 2015. These consist of both r/c and diecast cars. This one right here is a new mold as they recreated the popular 1970 Dodge Charger that was driven by Dom in Furious 7.

The body of the Dodge Challenger is new as the company had to recreate the flared wells on the wheels as well as pushing out the front fenders.  If you look at a picture of the car from the movie and compare it to this model, it seems spot on – Jada did a really good job at bringing this bad boy to life.

Jada used a flexible type of plastic material that does a good job at absorbing bumps – with this material, you don’t have to worry about breaking the plastic over a small bump. The R/C requires a total of 4 AA batteries for the car and one 9 volt battery for the controller.

Testing the car on both carpet and a paved driveway, we find that it does just as good outside as it does inside. The tires are a bit on the hard side, so you can expect some slippage, but not a whole lot. You shouldn’t take it into the grass as it won’t work that great, so you need to keep it on a smooth surface like asphalt. Also, since it’s low to the ground, you need to avoid trying to climb up over edges as the chassis will hit the ground before the wheels do. As far as responsive throttle and steering runs – it’s pretty good.

Rubik’s Build It, Solve It

Do you remember those complicated little Rubik’s block that we would sit there trying to figure out for what seems like hours? Did any of you guys/girls ever solve them? Maybe all it takes for us to solve the “cube” would be for us to see what it’s all about. While there are many mesmerizing toys that are about to emerge into our world, today, we would like to take a close look at the Rubik’s Build It, Solve It, because we believe this is the one-way ticket to finally solving the cube!

Rubik’s Build It, Solve is like the traditional Rubik’s cube, but with a twist. This cube comes with all of the tools, pieces and instructions children need in order to build a Rubik’s Cube of their own. Once this cube has been put together, there’s an instruction booklet (it’s 10-pages in length) that will guide you through the process of solving the Rubik’s Cube (finally). Here, you will learn everything from identifying the parts of the cube to solving basic puzzles. With this toy, children will be given a slow and steady introduction on how to use the cube and progress to harder challenges.

Is This Rubik’s Cube Fun?

Okay, we’re going to be honest with you – you know how aggravating the traditional Rubik’s Cube is, correct? If you’ve ever tried to solve one, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about here. Yes, this kit offers a behind-the-scenes look and even comes with a 10-page instruction manual, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be solving the puzzle like a professional within seconds.

Even in the book, during the first step, you’re told that you will need to practice and trial by error. Personally, we feel that this cube will be more fun for children and adults that enjoy puzzles and don’t mind the complications behind a Rubik’s Cube. However, once you are finally able to solve it, you’re going to be pretty proud of yourself and the people around you are going to be impressed because it really takes a lot to solve one of these cubes.

Who is the Cube for?

This Rubik’s Build It, Solve It kit is for one player – it is recommended for ages 8 and up. As we said before, it is great for children and adults that don’t mind trying to figure out how the cube works – it’s great for those that enjoy putting puzzles together. This kit right here is going to give an inside look on how the cube works and how it’s put together. Plus, you’ll receive some tips in the instruction manual on how to solve it.

In all actuality, it will take about fifteen minutes and the instructions are easy to follow. When it comes to placing the colored tiles, make sure you pay attention to where you’re supposed to place them, because if you snap them in the wrong place.

What Does the Kit Come With?

The kit comes with the plastic pieces in order to make the Rubik’s Cube (this includes spare parts), metal springs, metal screws, a storage trap, spacer rings and an instruction sheet as well as a “You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube” booklet.

Hot Toys Christmas 2017Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally

With the Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally, get ready for a new twist on an old toy! Do you remember back in the day, when you would shoot nerf darts at each other? Now, as toys have become more advanced than ever before, Nerf came up with the idea to shoot little cars, instead of darts. Personally, we feel that this was a good idea and today, we are here to tell you more about this neat Nerd toy. Nerd Nitro will come out this summer (just in time for some fun backyard play without thinking about school).

Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt – these are foam cars, much like the traditional darts, except in the shape of a car. However, they do seem to be sturdier than the traditional dart. Not much has changed in terms of the mechanics as you will still fire them from a blaster. The blaster has been modified in order to angle sharply toward the floor.

Five Nitro Sets

In all, there will be a total of five Nitro sets available. Each variation will be based on the same theme, which is “shoot cars, do tricks.” The price will start at $10 and up. The blasters are available in the same traditional mechanical varieties that the dart-firing Nerf blasters come in. Then, for a little extra money, you have the Flashfury Chaos set. This blaster can hold a total of three cars at one time. This contains a neat battery-powered flywheel launcher with a clip that is capable of holding up to nine cars – this offers a rapid, semi-automatic fire. Each of these sets come with multiple cars as well as at least one ramp.


Nerf was smart with their safety feature. You see, if you remove the blaster from the hard surface, you’re not going to be able to shoot the car out. There’s a small safety button on the bottom of each blaster so that it can only launch the car when it’s on a flat surface. Of course, you can find the button and push it down, but that’s not as fun as putting the blaster on the table and watching the cars shoot across.

Transformers: Titans Return Trypticon

After months of having to witness excruciating teases where we caught a small glimpse of the new Transformers: Titans Return Trypticon, the entire story has finally been revealed. At the 2017 Toy Fair, the Trypticon has finally made his debut and it looks pretty good.

What is Transformers: Titans Return Trypticon?

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this toy (we’re not sure how you could miss out on the Trypticon), this is basically a T-Rex that turns into a city and “battle base.” Yes, it is an odd addition to Transformers lore, but it is a necessity in our book. Aren’t a lot of toys from our childhood unusual? In all honesty, we believe it is the “weirdness” that makes a child enjoy a toy even more.

The age of the Trypticon shows through with his stickers. There aren’t very many stickers and the ones that you have are fairly basic. His companions, Brunt and Full Tilt got the worst of this as they barely have any form of deco, but in all actuality, it’s not that big of a deal.

City Mode

We believe the City Mode is where the real fun is. The helicopter pad and the landing strip will get new stickers that have been color-coordinated with the toy’s color (aqua).  Throughout the set, you’ll find fun details that have been added in, such as the computer consoles and bathroom stickers. The space bridges also get labels and coordinated stickers.

Okay, so the Trypticon here may not be a challenge to the Fortress Maximus when it comes to the size, as it clocks in at 20 inches, which is a slight bit taller than a GI toy at 19-inches. That chunky dino proportion on the T-rex is still there, regardless and in the city mode, the space bridge knees are there. The “spaceship” mode even has those false eyes. On the feet of the dino, you’ll find stability tines and when he transforms between modes, it looks really cool.

Yes, Trypticon may be missing its electronics, but don’t let that fool you because it gets something that is even better. Full Tilt, which is Trypticon’s former drone, gets a huge upgrade in size, with its own Titan Master, Necro. The new design is a faithful update to the traditional design.

The space that was taken up by electronics in the original design is now dedicated to something new – one of the best play features of the whole Titans Return line. Trypticon can now “swallow” his Titan Masters and store them inside his stomach. That feature, within itself, is really amazing. If you are a fan of these toys, hearing that feature probably just made your eyes pop.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017K’NEX Flying: Rotor-Powered 10-Model Building System

There are a lot of toys currently available on the market that will bring out a kids creative side – many times, that’s what toy makers aim for. What good is a toy if it doesn’t make room for imagination and creativity? Today, we are here to give you an honest review on this building system so that you can decide whether or not it is a viable option for your little one.

What Does the Set Come with?

This set comes with a total of 480 K’NEX parts and pieces – that is a whole lot of pieces for a little one, right? With that, they can build quite a few things. Amongst these pieces, you’ll also find connectors and robs that are attached to one another in a variety of ways.

This K’NEX building set stands out from the crowd, because with it, the little ones will be able to not only create a variety of models, but the models will move. That’s right – this set will allow the users to build interactive toys and figures like airplanes, helicopters, trucks and auto parts like wings, rotors, wheels, and tracks.

Don’t worry, your little one won’t be on his/her own with this building set – it comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow. This instruction manual will show them how to build a total of 35 unique models. Each one has a step-by-step guidelines and as we said before, it is easy to follow.

Who is This Set for?

This set has been designed for children that are ages 7 and up.  This set is great for those children that like to build, enjoy challenging moments and have a wild imagination (isn’t that all kids?).

Teaches Children How the Building System Works

Surely, many children wonder how the building system works, right? Well, with this set, they can place different parts together and learn how the building system works. Another one of the Hot Christmas Toys 2017.


Here is a list of other potential hot toys for Christmas 2017:

  • Ablix Robot STEM Kits
  • Circuit Cubes
  • CoDrone
  • Square Panda
  • Zyrobotics Zumo Learning System
  • The Rocket Singing Machine
  • Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups
  • WowWee Chippies
  • Geckobot






These are all toys from the technology category and so there will be a ton more toys to look at in all other categories. We will be looking at all types of toys this year as they are revealed and hopefully we will be able to pick out the odd handful of those toys that we think will be part of the bestselling hot toys Christmas 2017.

Stay tuned!













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