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Hot Christmas Toys 2017 List – Hottest Toys Christmas 2017

Hot Toys Christmas 2017

It is only February, yet it feels like Christmas of last year was forever ago and the planning for this year has already begun. Now is the time to start identifying which toys will be the hot toys for Christmas 2017. It may seem like a difficult task to figure out which toys will be the hottest toys, but one easy way to predict is to assess which toys were popular last Christmas, and more importantly, why they were so popular.

This year’s hot toys will likely have a similar appeal to the toys that were popular in previous years. There are certain characteristics or appeal that they may have in common. When you are in search for the best Christmas toys for 2017 you can start by considering the following criteria.

Hot Christmas Toy Exclusivity

Exclusivity follows basic economic and social principles. When the demand is high and the supply is limited, there will be an increased desire in being one of the lucky few to obtain that specific item. For example, the toy Shopkins has hundreds of options available for purchase. However, each Shopkin has a rating of common, exclusive, limited edition, rare, special edition, or ultra rare.

The rarer or more limited the Shopkin, the more it increases in demand and popularity. The Hatchimal craze that swept through the holiday season last year was in part because the toy became very difficult to find for purchase from Thanksgiving onward. Children want to be one of the lucky few that has the exclusive item that not all of their friends will have too.

What is key about the exclusive items is that as it gets closer to Christmas the demand of these items will increase even more so they will become more difficult to find as well as more costly. Therefore, you can never purchase these hot Christmas toys too early. If you purchase it early and decide later it is not the right gift the likelihood is high that you will be able to resell it due to the demand.

Hot Christmas Toy Technology

Technology has drastically changed the toy market over the past several decades. Each year new technology enhances previous versions of toys or creates new toys altogether. The best Christmas toys for 2017 may include some of the hot items with technological advances such as new gaming systems, drones, robots, or virtual reality headsets.

For example, last year’s release of the Sky Viper v2400 HD Streaming Video included new flight assist features, which made it a popular drone choice for that year. Another popular toy was the Kidizoom Action Cam, which is comparable to a GoPro camera, but for children. It can attach to a bike, helmet, as well as be submerged under six feet of water.

Typically every year new features are added to existing technological toys or completely new, redesigned versions are released. If the child you are shopping for enjoys technologically-driven toys then you can periodically check for new release plans throughout the year to assess if the additional features or upgraded versions may make it a hot toy for Christmas 2017.

Traditional Hot Christmas Toys

There are classic toys that continue to be a massive hit each holiday season. These traditional toys such as play kitchens, legos, cars, games, and crafts have potential to be some of the hottest toys for Christmas 2017. The traditional toys that have a modern touch or that are redesigned to fit a new craze are typically the most popular type.

Uptown Espresso Kitchen won the People’s Choice Award for 2016 Toy of the Year Awards. This play kitchen takes the standard play kitchen and adds a modern, realistic and detail-oriented touch that appeals to children. Another of last year’s traditional toys, with a contemporary twist, that gained mass popularity was Bunchems. Bunchems are essentially modernized Legos in a colored ball shape that are squishy and have spikes that interlace so you can build any shape or design.

Other Lego sets like LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon, which was voted Boy Toy of the Year, combines a traditional, staple toy with a niche that is appealing to Star Wars fans.  If the child you are shopping for loves a certain character, television show, or theme then you will likely be able to find a traditional toy that is customized to that brand or modernized in order to achieve maximum Christmas gift success.

Simple Christmas Toys

It is highly likely that some of the hottest toys for Christmas 2017 will be simple toys or games that are completely unassuming. For example, Pie Face game took the game market by storm last Christmas and its popularity spread rapidly. It is an extremely simple, low-cost, and easy to play game. Its title exactly states the full extent of the game.

You set up the game by placing a hand lever base in front of your face with whipped cream on the hand portion. The players take turns twisting the lever nob until it releases and the player receives pie face. While a simple concept, Pie Face game videos are swamping the internet and demonstrate the endless entertainment it provides to both children and adults. Despite the technologically driven and e-connected toy craze, it is important to recognize any game or toy that brings simple fun and thrill has the potential to be a hot toy for Christmas 2017.

The criteria provides a simple baseline to assess the potential value of a new or updated toy throughout the course of the year. Hot toys for Christmas 2017 may fall into one, if not several, of the categories discussed. If the toy is exclusive, remember the longer you wait to purchase the toy the more complicated it may become. Also, while advanced technology-driven toys may seem like the hottest toys for Christmas be sure to not discount the traditional and simple toys that may unexpectedly steal the spotlight. You can decide which criteria and appeal suits the child you are shopping for to make sure the Christmas gift is an unforgettable one.

Hot Christmas Techy Toys 2017

Look out for these cool gadgets and geeky must have toys for 2017.

 Welly “Back to the Future” DeLorean – This is a treat for Back To The Future fans. This pack contains all three intricately detailed movie versions of the DeLorean time machine.

 3Doodler Start Essentials – This is the kid’s version of the 3Doodler pack and is a great way of turning any freehand illustrations into 3D models. The child friendly machine works without heat and is completely wireless. Each set comes with a variety of colors to help you create anything from small figures to huge buildings.

 Bladez Toyz Inflatable RC BB-8 – Bladez Toys has a collection of remote controlled inflatable Star Wars characters and they are all around 2 feet in height. The BB-8 character is easily the cutest using the cool remote you can whisk the BB-8 up and down your hallway or make it chirp its cute little sounds by pushing a button.

 Razor X Cruiser – This is a skateboard that moves all by itself. This skateboard is fitted with an electric motor to help you glide along. Simply stand on the board, push the stick on the wireless handheld remote and you are away.

 Micro Drone 3 – This is a third generation Micro Drone and is equipped with a gimbal stabilized HD camera. It can be flown using the included headset which gives you a first person view of what the drone is seeing. There is also a lightweight racing version available too.

Mardles Stories That Come To Life – These story books from Mardles bring stories to life using augmented reality built into the free app that you use on your mobile or tablet device. You can have fun with your kids by scanning the pages of the books and watch the animation come to life. You can even interact with all the characters themselves.

 C-Me Selfie Drone – Yes as if we didn’t have enough selfie tech toys this new edition to the market is by Revell and is still in its prototype version right now. It will shoot 8-megapixel stills or Full HD video and is GPS-controlled from a smartphone app.

VTech Star Wars Cameras – Vtech are back again but this time they are updating their line of child-friendly cameras. A number of their popular cameras will be Star Wars-branded and now you will be able to snap photos and even put yourself into the image itself with other Star Wars characters. After doing that you will be able to play augmented reality games like shooting down spaceships and fighting bad guys in real life surroundings. There will also be a camera watch version too.

 Hot Wheels – Bladez Quad Racerz – Now we have vehicles that will fly and drive. These are remote controlled quad copters that can move from air to land.

 Little Live Pets Surprise Chick – These look to be very similar to the Hatchimal toys of last year but are just a tad smaller. Basically you have a cute little chick inside an egg that will begin to chirp as soon as it has hatched. The Surprise Chick Toy will be released soon.

 Domgy – This is a kind of robotic pet that will interact with its environment. It expresses happiness, sadness and many other feelings and reveals a number of different responses when touched.




Here is a list of other potential hot toys for Christmas 2017:

  • Ablix Robot STEM Kits
  • Circuit Cubes
  • CoDrone
  • Square Panda
  • Zyrobotics Zumo Learning System
  • The Rocket Singing Machine
  • Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups
  • WowWee Chippies
  • Geckobot






These are all toys from the technology category and so there will be a ton more toys to look at in all other categories. We will be looking at all types of toys this year as they are revealed and hopefully we will be able to pick out the odd handful of those toys that we think will be part of the bestselling hot toys Christmas 2017.

Stay tuned!






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