Hot Toys Christmas 2013 Toys List

Hottest Toys Christmas 2013

In this article you will find a list of 9 toys freshly released that are predicted to be some of the hottest toys this Christmas 2013.

All the toys have been reviewed and we have added some images to give you an idea of what each looks like.

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Monster High 13 WishesMonster High Dolls – 13 Wishes

Will this be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2013?

Monster High Dolls – 13 Wishes is a series of dolls developed and created by Mattel and set to be released throughout 2013.

There are a lot of characters pertaining to this particular collection, each with its own clothes, design and features.

The individual toys have movable and detachable limbs. Some even have special features, like a button that activates a certain reaction from the toy (like glowing, sounds, or movement). The clothes are interchangeable and fully customizable.

There are quite a few planned releases, each with its own figures and accessories. The first is the Scaris Deluxe Travel, featuring some popular characters, each with a personal travel handbag with wheels and a personal travel journal.

Following are the Monster High Scaris Standard Travel Dolls Case and the Monster High Scaries Travel Dolls Accessory Case – the first featuring small travel purses and the second featuring accessories for travel, like cars, a miniature café, a table, chairs and a bench – each garnering unique designs and complex details.

The Monster High Fashion Pack Doll Accessory Case features exclusive accessories for all the dolls, ranging from new clothes to jewelry and accessories like purses. Again, all of these are fully customizable and applicable to each and every doll in the collection.
There’s also the Color-Me-Creepy Design Chamber. This is a separate module which allows your kids to design their own dolls in the manner they wish to.

13 Wishes Twyla Doll 13 Wishes Gigi Grant Doll 13 Wishes Draculaura 13 Wishes Frankie Stein Doll

In other words, they can change the doll’s hair color, clothes color and even customize their limbs through different color application. Some of the materials react to water at different temperatures, while others need special paints and crayons provided in the package.

All of these can be purchased from authorized merchants starting January 2013 and the prices range from $7 to $30, depending on the package purchased. Each case has 2-8 individual pieces, including dolls and accessories.

What’s cool about the  – 13 Wishes is the ability to fully customize just about everything about them which, of course, leads to a great ability to diversity play style and purpose for each doll. Furthermore, the clothes and accessories being interchangeable, you can style each character to your liking, without ever worrying of getting bored.

In the end, this purchase will surely enchant your girls and have them play with the dolls for quite a while before a new accessory or a new line of Monster High will come out.


Furby Hottest toys 2013 Furby Party Rockers

Developed by Hasbro, the new Furby Party Rockers which are set to be released in Spring (February 15, in some areas), 2013 are a welcomed addition to the ever-growing Furby franchise.

Now, as you probably already know, the Furby is a little critter that reacts to the actions of its owner. They can learn and forget stuff and are great companions – much like a live version of the old and now obsolete Tamagotchi.

These are a new “breed” of the toy, exclusively designed as party companions. These little creatures will sing, talk and react much like the original Furby, but will have predestined personalities.

Unlike the recent 2012 versions, they cannot be taught new tricks, they won’t be mean if you are mean to them, nor good when you are good to them.Furby 2013

However, the thing about the new Furby is that they come in 4 different models: Fussby, Loveby, Scoffby and Twittby. Each has its own personality and can interact with your child and the bigger Furby models.

Once you get them all together, along with the big Furby, your kid will enjoy quite the party. The different personalities of the Party Rockers will influence your original Furby and make it react differently.

Shake them around a bit and they will get more and more agitated, performing more and more songs, acting out and chatting among one another and with their owner.

One great feature for the Furby Party Rockers is that you can interact with them via your devices of iOS 4.2 or later. You can give them snacks, for example and they will react differently, depending on what you feed them.

Furby toys 2013Furthermore, you can use the built-in translator to learn what your Furby is saying and translate common speech into Furbish as well!

The models have 17 H x 14 W x 10 L dimensions, they are made out of plastic and fabric, weigh about 340 grams, need 3AAA batteries and feature sound effects, moving mouth and motion. Concerning hygiene, you can spot clean the toy with no problems.

All in all, the new 2013 Furby Party Rockers are a great addition and early customer reviews show that they are well-received and liked by children. Get your hands now on one or all of these Furbywood stars and let the parties get started instantly!

Furby Boom is ready for release and is set to be one of the hottest toys of 2013.

Disney Sofia The FirstSophia The First Magical Talking Castle

Will this be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2013?Sophia the First is a very special little princess. She comes with an amulet that lets her talk to three small companions: Clover the Rabbit, Robin the Robin and Mia the Bluebird. The toy originated from the Disney Jr. series and it is produced by Mattel.

The Magical Talking Castle is the princesses’ residence – the place in which she starts talking with her friend Clover the Rabbit when they are placed on the castle’s base. The entire building comes with quite a few rooms, each unique in its own way.

There are quite a few unique pieces of furniture which can further enrich the fairytale environment and provide your child with a lot of play options and scenarios through which they can have a lot of fun.

There is a bedroom, a royal staircase and a ballroom. Plenty of windows allow front access to the castle, while the backside is open so that your child can enjoy the full environment of the royal residence.

Furthermore, they can draw the footbridge and extend their play environment outside the castle as well, on the outdoor play level.

The little princess is able to communicate with her friends which she understands through her magical amulet, given to her by The King. Thus, she will talk to her furry companions and interact with them in a number of ways.

Sofia the First Sofia-The-First-Magical-Talking-Castle

Each character has a different voice and they talk about different things, generating real conversations with each other.

The Magical Talking Castle features only Sophia the First and Clover the Rabbit. The other companions are sold separately. Each of the other companions are 7 centimeters in height and will unlock new conversation options for the princess and each other.

You will be able to buy the set at around July, 2013 at an estimate price of $60. Sophia with her companions will cost around $40, not including the castle.


The castle includes the furniture as well as an outdoor module. The toy is for kids age 3+. All figurines are easy to clean, as well as the castle, given the fact that it’s made out of plastic entirely.

In the end, Sophia the First and the Magical Talking Castle is a gorgeous toy which will provide your children with a unique fairytale experience. Adding the small companions will bring the world alive on a whole new level, further enhancing the fun times ahead for your kids.

Spinmasters ZoomerZoomer The Dog

Zoomer the Dog is an interactive toy, developed by Spin Master and set to be released in August, 2013 at an estimate price of $100.

The little robotic dog comes in the colors of a Dalmatian and uses wheels to move around. The joints are completely flexible and movable, thus allowing the pup to sit, roll over, play dead – pretty much everything a real dog will.

What’s interesting about Zoomer is that it displays emotions and reacts to your voice. He is fully trainable and can start and understand better some commands in time.

There is also the option of using a button and have him perform random tricks stored in his memory. He will feature different personalities, developed in accordance to how you act around and play with him. Spinmasters interactive toys

For example, he might roam around the floor and stumble upon something interesting. He will sniff the object and may even decide to play with it. You can train your robot dog to go potty and, with a simple touch, you can wake him up from his sleep – and yes, he sleeps when he gets bored or tired.

Zoomer is an emotional robot. When you scold him, he’ll look sad and will try not to repeat what he has done to upset you. But when you praise him, he will develop a habit out of doing what you praised him for, thus developing a personality. Zoomer the robotic dog

His emotions can clearly be seen and interpreted through his eyes which are made out of LED panels. Not only that, but you can interact with him with other objects. When you give him a toy he likes, he’ll act happy, wiggling his tail, barking enthusiastically and following you.

Petting him will result in different reactions, depending on the place you pet him on. Some might like a belly scratch, others might like a neck or head scratch, others might love a back rub. Each dog has its own personality which you can influence and change to your liking.

Zoomer The Dog is an exceptionally high-tech toy which is said to set a new standard for robot dog companions. You can recharge him via USB and there will be apps available so that you can interact with him through your Smartphone as well.

Skylanders Swap Force logoSkylanders Swap Force

The Skylanders Swap Force is a console game that employs the use of action figures in the video game itself.

You basically get what’s called a Power Portal on which you can place the Skylanders and they instantly appear on screen, allowing you to play the character you mounted.

This is the third installment and is developed, like its predecessors, by Activision. What’s different about the rest is that these Skylanders have swappable tops and bottoms. Each two-piece character features two abilities – one for pertaining to the top part, one to the bottom part.

By swapping them, you can generate a mix of their abilities, granting a wide array of possibilities in dealing with the in-game environment and challenges.Skylanders

The Power Portal is connected via USB to your console and the action figures, along with the game, will be made available sometime during the fall of 2013.

There are no estimate costs as of yet, but we do know that it will be available for on Nintendo Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. As for the action figures, they will click together through magnets, thus making swapping very accessible and easy to do and avoiding deterioration in the parts.

Either way, 16 different characters have been announced. Which means that there will be 256 playable characters in-game. One character, for example, might have the ability to fly from his boots, while another has the ability to throw a fireball.

Want both? Simply switch them in order to have the boots which allow flight and add the top which allows fire manipulation.

This is a great way to ensure that kids will always have something new to look forward to. Not to mention the social aspect of it all – having friends over who own different characters than your own will allow all of you to enjoy brand new game and playing styles.

Stinkbomb Blast-Buckler Skylanders Freeze Blade

The game itself is a great improvement made on its predecessor, both in gameplay and in graphics. Some reviewers have had the chance to try out the demo version and all agree that it’s going to definitely be a hit, especially for franchise fans.

With this kind of a marketing strategy and a multitude of options awaiting its fans in-game, Skylanders Swap force will soon enough be a hot subject, leading to a satisfied community which will have a very immersive universe at its disposal.

Skylanders in general are also set to be hot toys for Christmas 2013

Aquabots LogoHexbug Aquabots

Ever wanted an aquarium teeming with life, but just don’t have the time to feed, care for and wash the thing?

Today is your lucky day then, because HEXBUG developed a new kind of critter made exclusively for a water environment.

The Aquabot will self-activate once you put it in water and will mimic a fish in an exceptional manner. It has the ability to dive, resurface and explore the given environment in a very natural manner, giving out the impression that it’s a real fish.

And it can easily be confused as being one. From afar, you will have trouble discerning it from a fish, given its small stature and its incredible design that very closely resembles the real thing. Furthermore, its movements are natural as well, featuring lifelike fins that move independently, allowing the natural movements.

The Aquabot can be used in literally any environment that has water in it. Its vivid colors make it easily identifiable and it stands out everywhere you put it. Kids can play with them and enjoy them while taking baths, for example and they’re a great addition to a swimming pool. Aquabots Clown Fish

A Hexbug Aquabot is a great way of teaching and making your kids get interested into technology. It’s really amazing that toy producers have got to a level in which they can mass-produce little robots that were a part of science fiction just a few years ago.

Your kids will be thrilled to discover the inner workings of such toys when they see them in action and will surely develop an interest for live wildlife as well.

All in all, the only thing you would have to worry about is not losing the mechanical critters. They are a great addition for those who want an aquarium to spark up their living room, but don’t want the hassle that comes with its maintenance as well.

Hexbug-Aquabots-Pack Robotic fish

Of course, plants and other aquarium objects can be added, giving out the impression that you really have a living, thriving environment 24/7.

You will be able to get your hands on the Hexbug Aquabot in the fall of 2013, at a more than reasonable price of $10 per item. Moreover, you can also get the version that features its own little tank for $15 a pop.

Beyblade ToysBeyblade Shogun Steel Battle Set

The Beyblade Shogun Steel is an animated show which, in fall 2013 will come to life through action figures produced by Hasbro.

It’s an action packed world when you have the Beyblades with you – in an arena, you can set them up to fight each other and win rounds, tournaments or friendly games to pass the time.

Each action figure has a spring-based system which is activated with a little plastic string you put in and pull out repeatedly in the action figure’s base.

Once the toy is prepared, you can let it loose in the arena and it will spin at incredible speed, wreaking havoc among foes. Each of the action figure is actually placed on universal bases, making it easy to swap between characters as you go along.shogun-steel

Furthermore, you can easily detach parts of the toy and recreate a whole new Beyblade to your own liking. The metal wheels (base) of each Beyblade is also customizable. You can add another metal wheel, granting your warrior some extra power in the arena.

Team up with friends and let your Shoguns battle it out. Observe and see other’s weaknesses and transform your Beyblade into a fighting machine, aiming to destroy your opponents.

There are a total of five parts which are interchangeable, including torsos and arms. In one battle you might want to use two different arms for example, thus making the battling experience one that will not easily be recreated, allowing for diversity based on your own imagination.Beyblade Battle Set

The arena is specially designed to allow at least two Beyblades to fight it out. It enhances their spinning abilities, making the fight last as long as it can before you have to prepare your warriors again. The more you use the rip cord, the more rotations per minute you get, making this a skill worth having in the fights to come.

The Beyblade Shogun Steel Battle Set is going to rock your kid’s world, that’s for sure. It’s going to cost $10 approximately. Each set will have a 5 piece warrior. The others will be available for purchase separately. You will be able to get them at all major toy retail stores, as well on Hasbro’s official website through orders.

Chima LegoLEGO Legends of Chima Toys

Lego Legends of Chima toys bring the ever-surprising Lego franchise back to life through whole new different colors – and models! They are already available for purchase in most toy retail stores and on the Lego website.

Legends of Chima brings a new concept in the building block world: a concept that relies on both imagination and skill when putting together your action figures. Yes, action figures. You can build your own little humanoid creatures and race them around, fight them and have plenty of fun overall.Battle-Beasts

A ripcord is provided for all figurines which help you string them up so that they will move around. The parts of the figurines are easily detachable and interchangeable. This leads to diversity in character customization and a whole array of different play modes.

Each set comes with a specific environment. One might be best suitable for racing purposes, others might be suitable for fighting purposes. Not only will you get the figurines and their parts, but also ships, other big machinery and a whole lot of obstacles and pieces for one-on-one challenges.

Creating Legends of Chima Setyour obstacle course or setting your figurines to jump through hoops has never been easier. Use your other Lego sets to create even more diverse scenarios and engage in fun, imagination-fueled adventures with friends or alone at home.

Sets range from a few pieces, to over 600, depending on the scenario you’re going for. Some sets even include game cards which you can use to create even more immersive gaming experiences with your Lego pieces. 

There are lots of weapons, depending on the models you get: everything ranging from missile launchers, to catapult-like weapons and spring-based mechanisms. This allows for a lot of diversity, all bounded by only the imagination your kid is capable of.

In terms of pricing, the sets range from $12 to $80, again depending on how many pieces they feature. They can be found at most stores who sell toys or can be ordered directly from the Lego website, under the Legends of Chima category.


Lego Legends Of Chima toys are a great addition which is sure to spark interest in action-loving kids. What makes this set so great is the ability to engage with friends in competitions and strive to create the imaginative designs and playgrounds. Surely something that you don’t want to miss next time you decide to buy your kid a present.

Flutterbye FairiesFlutterbye Fairies

There are countless stories about fairies, both in folklore and in modern literature. But up until now, there have been few if any attempts to transpose these magical creatures into a toy which resemble a real, live fairy.

Spin Master’s Flutterbye Fairies are coming to change exactly that. There are two sweet, little fairies: Flower Fairy and Stardust Fairy.

Both of them have the same properties, but look slightly different; the first being the purple model, while the second is the blue model. Each is styled a bit differently and wears different fairy garments.

The little fairies will come with a base. From that base, you can launch your fairy by pushing a button and she will start flying away. Her dress is made out of a few wings that expand and start to rotate fast, granting her a steady, upright position. You can hold your hand under her and she will float above it with no problems. Flutterbye-Fairies

It’s not necessary that you launch the fairy from her base. You can take it in your hands, hold it upright and then use the base to launch her from wherever you want.

She will start flying away and she can fly as far from the base as you let her. Don’t worry about losing her – once she hits the ground, her wings will stop spinning and she will automatically stop.

The fairy itself does not need any batteries. You put the batteries in the base which acts as a charger. While the fairy is resting on the base, she will charge up and get ready for a new adventure.

An estimate price at this time is given – $35 for Flower Fairy or for Stardust Fairy. The price includes the base, of course. Spin Masters will make the toy available sometime during August, 2013.

Flutterbye-Fairies-Toys Flutterbye Fairies are a great way for your girls to not only finally see a fairy flying around, but also to make sure that they follow them. This will provide the kids with some good exercise, especially if you take them out to a wide-open space like a park.

Chasing them around will surely be fun for your kids and moving from side to side, hands under the fairy will grant some stability to the toy, making it float just above your little girl’s hand. It’s like a fairytale come true.

Also check out Zelfs toys.

Hottest Toys Christmas 2014

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