Hot Toys Christmas 2014 Toys List

Hot-Toys-Christmas-2014-Toys-ListCheck out all the hottest Christmas toys of 2014, right here! This list is very important because it will focus only on the toys that the majority of kids will be wanting this Christmas. These are the toys that will sell out fast in the stores.

So, to get a head start on what toys are hot and what toys are not so hot will be very helpful for all of you out there who don’t want to be pushing and shoving in the Christmas rush to buy a toys for your child.






Hot Toys Christmas 2015



hottest christmas toys 2014



Kidizoom Smartwatch Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch – Having Fun While Learning

It’s amazing how manufacturers come up with innovative toys nowadays. Not only are they such fun with the kids, they have also been creatively designed in a way that kids learn from them and develop their reflexes and faculties. Take this one …


Vtech Kids Watch

Regarded by those who are familiar with it to be the smartest watch that’s best for children between the ages of 4-7, this VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch lets your kids easily take pictures and videos. Sounds perfect for those young ones who show some inclination towards photography.

Using its touch screen, your kid can also challenge his/her imagination and stir his/her creativity by mixing it up and playing with those fun photo effects, filters and frames.

Let’s take a closer look at what else this toy has got and see why it seems to be turning into a big hit with moms and kids.


vtech_smartwatch_blue vtech_smartwatch_pink


Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch Key Features

First, it’s got a timer, an alarm and more than 50 colorful face designs in either digital or analog format, so your kid can choose whichever he/she likes. From these, children are able to learn how to tell the time. The alarm device comes with a series of graphic animations that will continue to keep the kids pretty much engaged.

Then there’s the Voice Recorder. This Smartwatch has a built-in device that can actually record your kid’s voice. Moreover, it allows him/her to play with effects that can change the voice 5 different ways. That again, spells fun.SmartWatch---features_screen

This Kidizoom toy also comes with 4 learning games, namely : 1) Super Detective 2) Rotating Puzzle, 3) Finger Dance and 4) Time Master. Now, all these are geared towards getting your kids’ minds and reflexes actively working. What’s more, using the micro USB cable which comes with the pack, you or your kid can download additional games from VTech’s Learning Lodge.



Multi-Purpose Micro USB Cable

Other than its use for downloading extra learning games, this same USB cable will enable you to upload photos and videos to your computer. And how do you charge your battery? You guessed it. You use the same cable.

Just so you’re able to get a real lowdown on the value items that comes with VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, here’s an overview:

  • A Camera with photo effects that’s sure to bring out the fun in taking photos of friends and playmates.
  • A Video Recorder and a voice recorder.
  • Touch Screen that looks and feel like an IPhone.
  • 4 Learning games the kids can play plus more to download from VTech’s Learning Lodge.
  • It’s splash & sweat proof which is great when the kid’s playing (but not for showers, swimming or bathing).
  • Has Rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with 50 digital/analog watch displays.
  • It has a timer & alarm clock.
  • It’s got a long-lasting design.

VTech.KidizoomSmartWatch---kid  VTech.KidizoomSmartWatch---boy kidizoom-smartwatch-closeup

Our Thoughts…

Let’s face it, as one of the hot toys Christmas 2014 and with today’s modern technology and its attendant gizmos practically gripping our everyday lives, this fun-filled VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch can only pave the way for our kids’ transition into a more expected “techie-oriented” adulthood. And if they can have fun along the way, I say, why not?


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Frozen Princess Elsa DollDisney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

One might say that dolls are a dime a dozen, unless one was talking about Princess Elsa. Princess Elsa is one enchantingly, cool doll. It sort of “brings to life” the heart and soul of her much-loved character in the recent Walt Disney animation picture, “Frozen”. Girls who’ve seen the film are sure to fall in love with this Princess Elsa doll


There’s No Mistaking Princess Elsa

One look is all it takes for 5-8 year old girls to recognize she’s Princess Elsa. Such are the detailed highlights of this gorgeous doll with a regal look straight from the fairy tale kingdom of Arendelle. She’s easily recognizable because of the exquisitely designed fashion that is a complete-with-all-the-details take-off from the movie.

It features a great looking bodice of light blue sparkles with a ribbon sash that accents the long satin gown Disney-Sparkle-Princess-Elsa-Dollwith its deep blue color. A semi-round strip of white around the neck showcases this long blue skirt that ends just above the floor and provides the kids a peek at Princess Elsa’s see-through blue shoes that look so sleek.

What completes her chic and classy look is a sheer overcoat with snowflake sparkles which appear to have fallen on it. Much like in the movie, Princess Elsa would look like she’s in her elements if placed in an ice-cool winter wonderland setting.


Disney Frozen Elsa DollHow Princess Elsa Looks

She’s gorgeous. She’s beautiful. Her gentle face is framed against her rich, lush blond hair, braided and pulled to one side. She wears a lightly translucent blue tiara that adds even more to her majestic look and feel.


Just Like the Movie Frozen

With this adorable Princess Elsa doll, kids will surely love playing pretend and re-living the exciting adventures of Elsa in her world of ice and snow. It’s not going to be far fetched for these young precocious girls to let their imagination run wild and play with those ice cubes in the refrigerator. That’s fine, as long as they leave a few for Dad’s Scotch on the rocks!


Dimensions Of Disney Frozen Princess Elsa Doll

She stands at 12.8 inches by 5.5 and 2.2 inches.

Recommended mostly for young girls from three to eight years old, Princess Elsa should prove to be a worthy, wholesome plaything. If your kids have seen the film with you, it’s a sure thing they’ve seen the Disney Frozen Princess Elsa doll as well. Be prepared to have them take you on a make-believe world of ice and snow.


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Chatsters - Gabby Interactive DollChatsters – Gabby Interactive Doll

Chatsters is a new super fun interactive doll that is predicted to be one of the big sellers this Christmas 2014. Yes, there are a number of interactive dolls on the market these days but this one really does stand out from the crowd.


Chatsters – Gabby is your new BFF!

If you are having trouble finding a girly toy for your girly girl then take a look at what Chatsters has to offer.

This doll is called Gabby and she has a ton of fun options for your child to play with. Gabby has six interactive accessories that include chat, unlocking games, performing makeovers and more.

This electronic and interactive doll responds to various accessories, will engage your child in games and activities and interacts with a free companion app.

The doll has three sensors and two buttons that control the interactive play as well as a pair of glasses with high resolution LED screens that function as Gabby’s eyes but also play animations and can be used to play mini games.

When you turn the doll on Gabby will move hare arms and head and talk to you. You can also press her lips to make her talk.


Gabby has over 300 words and phrases

Girls love to talk and having a BFF who also loves to talk is the perfect match. Gabby is not your everyday doll because she can talk. She talks about fashion, food and her cute fluffy puppy. With over 300 words and phrases stored away Gabby will keep your child entertained for quite some time. She asks questions, plays games and will even ask for advice!

When Gabby asks a question 2 answer options will appear on the screens on her glasses. To pick an answer touch the yellow heart sensor on either the left or right of the glasses depending on which answer you choose.


Chatsters - Gabby Interactive DollChatsters Gabby doll accessories

Gabby has 6 special interactive accessories! They include her, smoothie, cupcake, eye shadow Compact, Lipstick, Sprinkles, and Mobile Phone. If you hold any of these cute accessories to Gabby’s lips she will respond. If your little girl likes makeovers then she will love this. You can give Gabby a makeover by applying eye shadow and changing the color of her lipstick.

Chatsters Gabby also loves to eat yummy snacks so the doll comes with a cupcake and a smoothie.


Over 25 Games & Activities

Gabby knows over 25 games and activities that she can play with your child. Some of the games include Sprinkle’s Bubble Catch and other activities including hair brushing, styling and applying Gabby’s makeup!

When you download the free Chatsters app to your Apple or Android device you will be able to call and text with Gabby, play games and discover even more of Gabby’s features.

Your child will love the level of activities and the multiple ways to play with this doll.


What’s in the Box?

Chatsters interactive doll Gabby is for 5-year olds and above; and requires 4 AA batteries (not included). She comes with six interactive accessories (smoothie, cupcake, eye shadow Compact, Lipstick, Sprinkles, Mobile Phone) plus three additional accessories (hair brush / hair clips).

 Chatsters - Gabby Doll-boxed

Quick look at Gabby’s features

  • Her eyes light up and animate when she starts chatting.
  • Tap the yellow hearts on her glasses to let her know what you’re thinking.
  • She recognizes six super fun accessories that unlock special mini games, silly jokes and even make-overs.
  • Download the free Chatsters App to receive calls and texts from Gabby.
  • Over 25 games and activities to play.


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leap-tv-controllers LeapTV Educational Gaming System

Another one of our super hot toys Christmas 2014. It’s funny. Among us older folks, when we talk about the games people play, we still refer to the good, old-fashioned games we used to love. It’s a little embarrassing to be admitting this to the kids because for them it is all about gizmos, innovative gadgets and high-tech devices and systems, the names of which we can’t even seem to make any sense of. X Box one? Wii? PlayStation 4?

You’d think these were code words coined for a Martian invasion! Seriously though, while the very young ones may not yet be into these, they certainly are no strangers to them. So that surely, you won’t see them groping when they’re introduced to LEAP FROG TV.


Leap Frog TV

Leap Frog TV is one of the latest gaming systems geared towards kids 3-8 years old with a definite stress on getting them to learn new things. It’s got a 3-part system, consisting of : 1) the gaming console, 2) the controller and 3) the sensitive camera that can sense motions and movements. These are the three key components you need to play the game in 3 distinct, different ways.


3 Fun-filled Ways to Play Leap Frog TV leapfrog-leap-tv-

1. The Body Motion : Here’s how it works. Your kid can hop, jump, kick, parry or do karate chops which will control the action on the screen … and he’ll see himself on TV!

2. Pointer Play : Using the controller as a pointer and allowing your kid to have this serve like a sword, baseball bat or rope with which to swing on, (depends on what game he’s playing) your kid can move, turn or twist it like never before and enjoy the games’ motion-controlled fun.

3. Classic Control : Your kid can shake and tilt the controller for a fast moving game play and some super-charged thrilling action.


Leap Frog TV Features and descriptions

The entire system has a color scheme : mostly white with some contrasting green highlights. The console which is about 7 inches in diameter and has a 1.5 inch thickness looks like a small dinner plate. You can lay this flat on a surface or prop it up, using a stand that comes with the system.

In its front, the console has a slot into which the gaming cartridges are inserted. On each side of this slot, you’ll see a power button and a jack for the head phones. On its back is a USB port to connect the camera into and there’s an HDMI-out port for connecting the console to your TV. The HDMI cable, likewise comes with the package.


The controller’s top portion is rounded. At its base are 2 handles convertible to a pointer when you press a button on its left side and twist it upwards. It will connect to the camera and the console without wires via Bluetooth.

The motion-sensitive camera is equipped with an adjustable mounting device you can clip onto the top portion of your TV, adjusted to capture the action-moves of you kid. It’s a color camera with 640 by 480 resolution.

The Game Cartridges

It is from these games the kids will get all their thrills and opportunities to learn. These includes, a sled game where the kids are prompted to look for alphabet letters, while a karate game steers him towards the correct identification of shapes.

leap-tv-controllers   leap-tv-set

Mother Knows Best

All of these modern high-tech gizmos and gaming systems, (not to mention smart phones tablets and androids) have reportedly, sort of “alienated” parents from kids, who are so caught up with these hard-to-stay-away-from devices. Among certain groups or communities, their relevance has spawned some debate. Mom who knows her kids best is key to resolving this issue as it affects her family.


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MiP Balancing RobotMIP Balancing Robot

This is a pretty cool balancing robot created by WowWee. It runs on 4 AA batteries stands about 8 inches tall but the really amazing thing about it is the self-balancing abilities with a ton of personality.

It has an App and also a gesture controlled and sound controlled IR sensors which are just some of the fun features available.

One of the really cool features on the MIP robot is the gesture control. There is a blue light sensor at the front of the robot and by doing certain hand gestures in front of that sensor the robot will respond in a number of specific ways.

For example, if you want MIP to roll backwards all you have to do is move your hand towards its face. It will sense your movement and proceed to roll backwards all on its own.

So with your hand gestures the robot can move forwards, backwards, left and right. Real easy.


 MiP RobotMIP Robot modes

MIP has many different modes and to choose which mode to use all you have to do is turn the right wheel. As you turn the wheel the color of the robot’s chest sensor will change to indicate what mode it is in.

For example, if you choose “roaming” the sensor on the robot’s chest will turn yellow. Then you just place the robot on the ground and it will self-balance and begin to roam around independently.

Due to its sensors MIP will not bump into things. If it gets too close to an object it will sense that and just switch directions.

You can put MIP into dance mode and it will begin to play music and dance away all on its own. With the special app the robot will be able to dance to the music you play through your iPhone.

There is a fun little game in “cage” mode where the robot needs to try to escape from your hand gestures that keep it within a certain boundary. If the robot escapes it sounds off with, “Oh yeh!”

If you put MIP into “trick” mode you can program a bunch of movements for the robot to do in one session. Once you have programmed the hand gestures into the robot, (just by moving your hand), you just clap your hands twice and MIP will then execute the commands you just programmed.

You can program up to 50 commands in one go. So you could essentially program the robot to go deliver something with its tray….such as a glass of water to your friend… long as they were not too far away and not up or down any stairs.

Meet Mip

MIP robot app

The MIP Robot app will open up a whole different world of playing. The extra modes are:

  • Drive Mode: By using your iPhone via the app you can remote control the robot.
  • Cans Mode: The app allows you to feed the robot all different kinds of cans which are the robots food. The cans can be sleepy, happy, angry, etc. Once you feed your robot via your app the robot will respond to the commands within the can. MiP Balancing Robot

So if you add a “sleep” can the robot will begin to snore and then suddenly fall on its back as if it is totally exhausted. That is very cool and fun to watch.

That is just one of many fun cans to feed your MIP.

  • Dance Mode: Will allow MIP to dance to different music played off of your iPhone.
  • Battle Mode: You need two MIPs for this. So with more than one robot you could have fun battles.
  • Boxing Mode: Again you will need more than one robot for this.
  • Path Mode: All you do is draw a path on your iPhone screen and MIP will follow it in real life.
  • Stack Mode: This is a fun stacking game where you try to stack as much as you can on MIP before the time runs out.


MiP  MIP is your personal servant

There is a small tray that comes with the robot. If you attach this tray to the front of MIP it will be able to carry stuff on it.

Just for fun you can put all kinds of things on the tray and watch how MIP tries to re-balance itself so it does not topple over.


A quick look at MIP, the interactive robot friend. It is going to be a hit with its many features and functions including all the mini games, IR sensors, it makes sounds, it has its own language, it follows commands and much more.


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Zing-Z-Tek-Bow-orangeAir Storm Z-Tek Bow

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest or William Tell may never experience the thrill of using an Air Storm Z-Tek Bow, but you will, if Mom says ok. This Air Storm Z-Tek is one of the more exciting toys to be released by the innovative toy makers who never seem to run out of creative juices that just keeps flowing to the benefit of young kids.

It’s the ultimate tandem of foam bow and arrows. It comes in a new design and shape that’s very sleek and easy to handle. For quicker firing, its bungees have been shortened for faster reloads and the arrow clips straight on the bow. This helps as well in creating more force to the shots.


New Technology Plays a Role in the Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

A Sonic Arrow that Whistles like a Mini-Rocket Zing-Z-Tek-Bow-arrows

When you load up with a zonic whistle arrow made of soft foam, you pull back, aim and fire, You can watch the arrow rushing into space and screaming like a banshee, over a hundred feet. If you have space in your backyard, you might want to prop up several soda cans for target practice or you may try shooting against a wall to get that rush from a starkly whistle bouncing off action.


Zarts Suction Cup Arrows

You can also load up with Zarts arrows, designed and made with suction cups. Simply choose a target, aim and fire away! These things with a strong sucking power rousingly cling to almost anything. Name it. glass panels, posters, concrete or wooden walls, iron grills … these suction cup arrows will stick. It may even stick on the buttocks of your school’s bully, but don’t try it! Nice boys don’t do that.


target   Zing-Z-Tek-Bow-green


Product Pack Features and Descriptions

  • Air Storm Z-Tek Bow – You’ll get a kick out of its sleek, plushy design, shape and color. It’s sturdy and can take some rough handling.
  • Zarts Arrow – Made with a powerful suction cup that makes it stick on almost anything even if the target area is a bit on the abrasive side.
  • Zonic Whistle Arrows – These fly into the air with a hair-raising, sharp, piercing whistle that would stir up a kid’s excitement like never before.


Kids just love to play in a make-believe world. They can pretend to be a super hero fighting the forces of evil. As yet another hot toy Christmas 2014, this Air Storm Z-Tek Bow could pretty well serve as his “weapon of good intentions”.


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Digibird in cageDigibirds Interactive Toy Birds

Basically what these cute little birds can do is sing 20 different songs and the way you can get them to sing those songs is by whistling. However, you can also use the special ring whistle that comes in the pack, to command your bird.

The Digibirds also have a bunch of fun movements that are pretty lifelike and blend with the songs. When you put more than one of these birds together they will sing in a chorus.

With the ring whistle you place it on your finger much like a real ring and when you use it to whistle the bird will respond.

You can also make the bird tweet. To do this you need to blow on the bird’s chest sensor and by doing this the bird will begin to tweet.

To sing as part of a chorus you will need to follow a few simple steps to make one of the birds the leader in the group and then you can have several of these other birds to connect or respond. So, if the leader starts to sing all the birds that are connected will also begin to sing as if they are in a choir.

As soon as you turn the birds on they been to sing randomly like real birds and also their heads move from side to side. While singing the bird’s beak also opens and closes.


Get the app for more fun Digibird

You can get an app for your Smartphone which has games you can play and also use a beep code to tell your bird to sing a particular sing. When you play the games and win those games the app will unlock additional sings that the birds can sing.


Digibird Interactive Toy BirdDigibird in a cage and the standard Digibird

You can get the caged version of the bird or just the bird and whistle only. If you get more than one Digibird with the cage you will be able to stack them one on top of the other by means of a hook below each cage. You can then hang all the cages up somewhere high.

You can get four different caged Digibirds and there are 8 different single birds sold separately. So, if you had one caged bird and one separate bird you could swap them over anytime you want.

The birds already come with three batteries fitted but there are also three spare batteries within the pack. Whenever you need to remove the batteries make sure you have a really small headed screwdriver available.

Each bird comes with its very own whistle perch which fits on your finger. They are fun to play with for kids and even adults!


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Max-Tow-Truck-VehicleMax Tow Truck Vehicle

Max Tow Truck

The Max Tow Truck really can pull up to 200 pounds in weight….it has been proven! Now that is pretty amazing for such a small toy truck. Let’s go over some of the tow truck’s features. It is a very interesting truck because it does a lot more than it looks like it would do.

So how does the truck get its traction? Well, when you first glance at the tires it looks like they need to be pumped full of air. In actual fact that having airless tires is one of the keys to its traction because the low amount of air inside allows for getting good traction.

Turn on the truck from a button at the back and immediately it greets you with the phrase, “Hey buddy”. This is just one of 50 different phrases. Max-Tow-Truck-Vehicle1

You can hear the truck engine ticking over as it waits for your choice of commands. There are a number of different modes available. You can push the siren on the roof of the truck which will put it in climb mode. To get the truck moving just shift the gear stick at the back of the toy truck.

By pressing the bumper at the front you will put the truck in push mode. This toy tow truck is pretty big and solid and it also comes with a chain which allows the Max Tow Truck to pull stuff.

You just attach the chain to the back of the truck and the clip at the end of the chain can be clipped onto whatever you want to pull.

Max Tow Truck Vehicle2Max Tow Truck App

Yes, this toy tow truck comes with an app for your iPhone or tablet. You can play a bunch of games on it and generally have a lot of fun with it.

In virtual play mode you get a virtual tow truck that you can drive around on any background that you choose to view within your real-time environment.

This truck will push, pull and climb. It runs on 6 C batteries so you don’t have to constantly be recharging.


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Zoomer Zuppies Interactive PuppyZoomer Zuppies – Scarlet

Let’s first check out some of the basics of this hot Christmas toy for 2014.

Inside the Zoomer box you get a training guide, some stickers / tattoos and Zuppie Scarlet. The Zuppie takes three AAA batteries and you will need a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment which is located underneath the toy.


Zuppies Scarlet Design

  • Scarlet has dual LED eyes which show all the modes and expressions.
  • The top of the head has touch sensors where you can tap or rub for different responses.
  • The nose can be pressed to make sounds or to confirm activity selections.
  • There are chest sensors that detect hand movements.
  • There is a back button used to go through different modes and to check happiness level.
  • The back legs move up and down completely but the front legs have limited movement. The ears also move back and forth.
  • The bottom of the paws has rollers so the Zoomer can roll around.


Zoomer Zuppies - Scarlet-boxedGetting the Zoomer Zuppie Started Zuppies Interactive Puppy - Scarlet

The on and off switch is located at the bottom. Once you turn the pet robot on you can tap the head to get some really fun responses such as barking or panting from little Scarlet.

If you press the back button you can check the happiness level of Zoomer. An image shows up on the eye screens which will tell you whether the robot is happy, sad, angry, etc. Use the booklet that comes with the toy to decipher what each of the images mean.

To go to activity mode push the back button and simply swipe the head to scroll through the activity games; much like scrolling with a computer mouse.

The games included are, Higher Lower game, fast hands game, guard mode, pixel smash game and music play. Press the nose to select any of those activities.

The Zoomer Zuppies are pretty neat pet robots and your kids should have a lot of fun with them. While it does not take voice commands like the original Zoomer it does make up for that with some of the game modes that it has.


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Hot-Wheels-Street-Hawk-Remote-Control-Flying-CarHot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

This Street Hawk from Mattel is a toy that is exciting as it is innovative. There is so much to really like about this Hot Wheels flying car.

Right out of the box it is about as easy as it can be to get going. You need to install 6 AA batteries into the controller, (batteries not included), then plug it into the vehicle to charge it up.

Charging takes around 40 minutes for the initial charge and then you will see the lights turn from red to green meaning the flying car is fully charged and ready to go.

The connection between the controller and the car is real easy too. You switch on the car and switch on the controller and they will be paired up automatically.Street-Hawk-Remote-Control-Flying-Car

Hot-Wheels-Street-HawkYou can drive the toy like a traditional RC car by clicking the selector switch on the car to the correct position. If you want to fly the car you need to switch to flight mode. When you do this as soon as the car begins to accelerate it will take off and fly.

Taxing and taking off for the car was so easy to control. This is an extraordinary feat of design that will make you the envy of the park or the neighborhood when you get this Hot Wheels flying car into the air.

There are a couple of things to be aware of. The flying range is incredible at 200 feet and it has an advanced 2.4 gigahertz transmitter that will allow up to 6 vehicles to be operated together.

It does take about 40 minutes for the initial charge and with that you will get 5 to 6 minutes of run time. When the car starts to get a little sluggish plug it in and charge it up and you will be back in business more quickly.

When flying give yourself plenty of space. While the controls are very easy to use especially compared to other RC vehicles this does need a lot of room to fly. The learning curve on this is a fraction of what you will find on other flying RC toys.


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Frozen-Themed Gifts For Kids


Hollywood movies have always had an impact on our lives.

Disney’s animated feature film FROZEN is one monster hit that has captivated the hearts of kids around the world. It tells of a story of Snow Queen Elsa and her courageous sister Anna’s and rugged outdoor man-friend Kristoff’s search for her to end an icy spell.

Hollywood, being Hollywood, all the attendant appealing toys, gifts and various colorful forms of kid-engaging items would naturally come. There are 23 Frozen theme gift ideas for kids from 4-6. They cut across a range of beautifully illustrated storybooks to Frozen-inspired school lunch boxes to Frozen dolls and games to Frozen coloring books with crayons to a collection of character-dolls with true-to-movie details.

A few of these are :

A-Sister-More-Like-MeFrozen : A Sister More Like Me

This enchanting picture book brings to life in wondrous colors, the original story of the two royal sisters, Princess Elsa and Anna from the wintry kingdom of Arendelle. What may be an added interest is the fact that all the illustrations in the book were done by one of the artists involved in the film-making.




Frozen-Princess-Anna-Puzzle Frozen-Princess-Anna-Puzzle1Frozen Princesses Anna And Elsa 48 Piece Puzzles (Set Of 2)

Sparkling in their Frozen movie look-alike colorful costumes, young girls who’ve experienced the magic of the movie would surely enjoy shuffling the pieces and getting them all together again and again.


Disney-Frozen-Sparkle-Kristoff-DollDisney Frozen Sparkle Kristoff Doll

Naturally inspired by the box office hit, Frozen, this doll has got Kristoff garbed in rugged mountain clothes for another fascinating adventure. His rough-hewn gray pants, striking blue shirt and a thick long vest suggest it’s going to be a long rough search for Princess Elsa. The young kids would love re-enacting the movie scenes with this Kristoff doll.


Annas-Best-FriendsAnna’s Best Friends (Disney Frozen) (Step into Reading)

Kids are sure to get a rush re-experiencing the snow-capped mountains, encountering the magical trolls and the funny snowman Olaf in the great dash to save the kingdom of Arendelle.
Some of the best values to come out of these gift ideas are the interest that they generate among kids 4-6, particularly those who have watched the film. If they are especially into the pre-school, basic ABC reading stage, all of Frozen’s theme storybooks will make the learning easier.




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Razor-Crazy-CartRazor Crazy Cart

The Razor Crazy Cart is so much fun you won’t even believe it until you have a go on it!


Razor Cart Basics

The cart has a top speed of 12 mph which is really fast considering how low you are to the ground when you sit in this thing. This thing really moves!

At the back of the cart is the mini engine where the on/off switch is as well as the charging plug. There is a lever to the right which lifts up the back of the cart to create the crazy stunts.

There is of course a gas pedal and a small steering wheel used to control the crazy cart.


The 5 Main Features

Ok, so there are five main features of the Razor Crazy Cart that you need to be familiar with before you get driving around in it.

The first three of these main features are the steering wheel, the front drive wheel and the gas pedal. These are all found on the front half of the Crazy Cart and control the carts drive.

Crazy-CartTo make things easier when steering there is an arrow on the steering wheel. Wherever the arrow points that is the direction the cart will go in.

The gas pedal is variable speed so the harder you push it the faster you will go.

In the back half of the cart you will find the last two features. There is a drift handlebar to the right of the cart and the seat. The drift bar will control the carts drift.



Drifting Crazy CartHow to Drive a Razor Crazy Cart

The cart has two modes. The first mode is called go-cart mode. The drift bar will be pushed down and all wheels will be pointing forward so that you can drive in a straight line; much like a go-cart.

What makes this cart different from any other go-cart is Crazy Cart mode. All you need to do is lift up the drift bar while driving forward which will make the cart rotate.

There are countless different moves you could try out while in the “crazy” mode but there are three basic moves you are going to need to learn right away.

Those three moves are “Spinning in place” “Driving in reverse” and most importantly, “Learning how to stop”.


Spinning in place

One of the best features about this hot 2014 Christmas toy is its ability to spin in place so that you are never stuck in a dead-end. The cart’s steering wheel allows you to spin in place with ease.



Driving in reverse

To drive in reverse all you have to do is point the arrow on the steering wheel back at yourself and at the same time pull the drift bar upwards. Hit the gas pedal and off you go…backwards.


Learning how to stop

Like skies or a snowboard the Crazy Cart does not have a break but that does not mean you cannot stop safely. The trick to safe stopping is to redirect your momentum so you can slow down to a stop.

To stop, you first remove your foot from the accelerator, turn the steering to the right or to the left and then pull up the drift bar so that you spin to a stop.

Generally when learning how to ride the cart you don’t need to be going fast. Practice going slow first and learn when to use the drift bar at the right moments.


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Hot-Wheels-Track-Builder-Total-Turbo-Takeover-Track-SetHot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Set

Hot Wheels are a huge name within the toy industry and have been creating innovative and entertaining toys for quite some time. So, it came as no surprise to me when I heard the news within the toy industry that this new Track Builder Total Turbo Set was going to be a best seller this Christmas.

HOT WHEELS Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set is different from some of the previous Hot Wheels sets because it allows you to build tracks however you want! You are in control the whole time so there isn’t just one way to build this set.

A fun feature that I have not seen before is that you can even attach additional sets together to make one huge total turbo set.

This racing car track set comes with everything your child needs to design and customize his own race track. The set comes with a variety of stunts and layouts along with the essential pieces needed to create the ultimate turbo race car track.


A bonus is that the track pieces work with other existing Hot Wheels sets to create any number of interesting speedway tracks. The track builder set also comes with some additional cool features such as car-activated and action-oriented stunts.

Hot-Wheels-Track-Builder-Total-TurboTo add extra excitement the speed of the cars can be accelerated with a motorized booster that gets the cars moving at breakneck speeds. There are also lots of games that can be played including designing your very own track route in a head-to-head race against your friends to see who can reach the finish line first.

Almost like having a turbo built into the cars, your kids can flip a switch on the booster to send the cars racing off into different directions; and sometimes they crash into one another!

The stunts are either car-activated or action-oriented. The Total Turbo Takeover cars track set comes with two quick loops for stunt driving fun.


Hot-Wheels-Turbo-Takeover-Track-Set Features:

  • Design, create and customize your very own track challenges.
  • Hot Wheels track set has a variety of stunts, layouts and essential pieces.
  • Car-activated and action-oriented stunts.
  • 2-way motorized booster.
  • Play a head-to-head racing showdown.
  • Use the booster to send cars racing all over the track.


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Doc-McStuffins-Mobile-CartDoc Mcstuffins Get Better Talking Mobile

With the Disney Doc Mcstuffins Get Better Talking Mobile kids can roll play like their favorite pint sized Doc. There are a few parts that need to be assembled to this to but it already comes with batteries.

This is a really cool mobile clinic vehicle which can go from toy room to toy room fixing up any ailments your toys may have. This talking mobile toy has all sorts of accessories which move such as doors that open and ramps that slide out. Disney-Doc-Mcstuffins-Get-Better-Talking-Mobile

There is a cute little gurney bed in the back of the vehicle which can be wheeled around and there is also an interactive heart monitor with stethoscope. You can play CB radio with the controller attached to the side of the toy.

There is an adjustable ladder, storage doors, a thermometer and sticker dispenser. There are also some real fun phrases and songs which are motion activated.Disney-Doc-Mcstuffins-Talking-Mobile

The Doc Mcstuffins Get Better Talking Mobile encourages imagination and your kids will really love telling stories from the popular TV show Doc McStuffins.


Features and Accessories

  • Motion activated lights and sounds
  • Features the Doc Mobile song
  • Heart monitor and stethoscope
  • Sounds on Doc’s CB radio
  • Gurney for your patients
  • 2 Doc tools and ladder
  • Bandage stickers and dispenser
  • Side seat for your patients
  • Telescoping handle for Pull and Go play
  • Drawer and lots of storage


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Quick-Dry-Design-StationQuick Dry Design Station – Moose Toys

Beados are basically all different colored beads that you can put together using different templates. You spray them with water and when they dry they will be stuck together in your chosen design.

Firstly, the difference between this new set and the older “starter set” version is that this product actually dries the design for you so you don’t have to wait around for too long.

This set is for ages 4 and up and includes 500 beads. The set does need batteries so make sure you have 2 AA batteries available.


Inside the Beados box


You get the Beados Quick Dry instruction manual which is very easy to follow. You get the actual Beados machine and the batteries are super easy to install.

Instead of a pen that came with the starter set this particular set comes with the Beados tweezers, a couple of design trays and a few design templates to use. You also get a nice Beados tray so your beads don’t get lost or roll anywhere and some mini suction cups where you can place your finished designs to be viewed.Beados-Quick-Dry-Design-Station

You get 500 beads and the colors are yellow, purple, black, red, white, pink and blue. You also get a tiny spray bottle that you can fill with water. When you are done creating your design all you need to do is spray it several times with the water and then the beads will fuse together. Once the beads dry off they become one piece.


Beados RefillMaking your Beados design

First place a design template in on of the holders. Then use your tweezers to pick up the beads one at a time and place them in the correct position in the template to create your design. Then spray a little water on the beads.

Slide the holder underneath the fan and then turn the fan on. Keep the fan on for about 15 minutes.




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Little-Live-Pets-CageLittle Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds – Moose Toys

This interactive talking bird is just one of a collection of 8 different birds that come to life when you play with them.

Turn a bird on and you will hear 30 different calls. The bird can also whistle several classic songs such as London Bridge, Yankee Doodle or Bingo.

You can also record your own voice and have the interactive pet bird play it back to you. Just press the button and speak into the bird’s sensor which is located on its chest.

With a touch of the button you can play what you said back to you but the bird also may just decide to randomly repeat your phrase as you play with it. My Love Birds 2 Pack Romeo & Juliet

To nurture your bird hold it in your hand and stroke its head and back. The bird will respond to your touch. These Little Live Pet Birds are adorable collectable pet birds that are fun to play with or just listen to.

Little-Live-Pets-Cage1These birds are sold separately or they are also available as a single bird in its own little colorful birdcage. The cage will allow you to put two birds together so as you build your collection there is even more fun.

This is basic interactive fun in a collection of cute and colorful characters designed for kids ages 5 and up.

Keep an eye out for the Little Live Pets Bird Cage: My Love Birds 2 Pack Romeo & Juliet. This little team of lovebirds are bound to be a hot hit this Christmas 2014.


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Xeno-MonsterXeno Monster Toy

Xeno, Your Marvelous, High-Tech Interactive Friend

Decades ago, there were those beautiful dolls which were flaunted on display windows and show cases of department stores and toy shops that had young girls fussing and doting over them.

They had big blue eyes that fluttered like a debutante in her coming-out party and it sometimes, even cried. They came with a set of dresses or wigs with which the kids played around to suit her up for any special occasion. And then came XENO.


XENO, An Inter-Active Pet That Looks Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen

XENO is one of the most inter-active “friend-toys” to come out of those high-technology-minded toy makers. It’s neither a doll nor a robot but rather, an innovative, modern, high-tech “pet-friend”, boys and girls would most likely hug the minute they see him.

Made from non-toxic material that’s elastic, Xeno is soft to the touch and feel, which makes him just about the cutest, nearest thing to having a live pet or friend.

Xeno Is Here

What Xeno Does

Xeno has been specially designed and built to have his body moving in practically all directions.

Like pets, he wiggles and wags, raises his ears like a rabbit, opens and closes his mouth, shakes his head from left to right, moves his paws every which way and a whole lot more you’ll discover as he gets closer to you.

Xeno-Mad Xeno-Monster Interactive-Monster-Toy

How Xeno Interacts

Xeno has got 8 sensors. You can touch any of these to inter-act with him. These are found in his head, mouth, tummy, his right and left arms, his left paw, tail and snout.

You’ll simply have to press any of these body parts, depending on what Xeno may need or ask for at a particular play time. For instance, when he’s feeling a bit down or under the weather, he’d start crying and wailing “ Oh, oh… bwah wah!”.

You’ll then need to probe and press any of the sensors to know which part of his body is aching. When he’s hungry, he’ll grouch and say “ Uhh, uhh … hungry!”. You then can feed him by putting your finger into his open mouth.


Treat Xeno Like a Pet

Xeno is like an amazing pet. You can play with him, cuddle him, care for him when he’s feeling low, you can tickle his ribs, blow his nose and try to get into what’s making him mad, sad or happy. Xeno-Monster

You can even bring in some music and if he fancies it and likes it … wow! he’ll dance! Xeno is incredible. You can even play 5 exciting mini-games with him … and he’ll start it off with his cute little voice ..”Wanna play?” So, you think that’s all?

No. If you happen to have 2 Xenos and you place them near each other, they’ll chat in their own funny, private language.


How Does Xeno Look?

He is unbelievably adorable! You have got to see him. Xeno comes in 3 unique, lovable colors, even the older brats in the family is sure to love him. He comes in Ultra Violet, Pacific Blue and Burnt Orange.


So, Do We Take Him In Into Our Homes?

No doubt. Xeno’s going to be a big hit with kids who love pets. But don’t be surprised if mom gets to like him too.


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My-Friend-CaylaMy Friend Cayla

From our earliest years, when we were kids, our folks have always taught us, it was a lot of fun meeting new people and making friends. We should be friendly with the neighbors who just moved in or the kids in Sunday school or our own classmates and cousins when they make a visit or when we drop in on them.

And why not? Having kids our own age to play or chat with, or learn our lessons with or even walk our pet dogs with in the nearby park is always great fun. What could even be more interesting and lots more fun is meeting a new, “special friend”.


Meet My Friend Cayla

My friend Cayla is the very first inter-active doll in the world. She answers questions you might want to ask her about school, hobbies, animals or fruits or just about anything. She would understand what you’d be trying to tell her and chat with you. She can tell you stories and play games with you. You can play with her either off-line or on line.


Cayla DollWho’s Cayla?

Cayla is a pretty 18-inch, high tech, interactive doll with long blond hair, who loves wearing trendy clothes. She comes with a hair brush and a dainty mirror. Cayla, cute as she is, would be great to have around as a friend. She’s not only fun. She’s pretty smart too, to be able to answer almost anything you’d ask her.


How Does She Do That?

My friend Cayla has a built-in system that makes use of the Google software which transposes into text whatever question a little girl might ask her. This text then enables Cayla to search the web for the answer which Cayla then simply recites when it is found. Given this, Cayla can even answer questions on math, general information and anything related to weather.

This girl-wonder Cayla is also designed to sync with a tablet or a smart phone which enables her to recognize a little girl’s voice and speech and have simple conversations with her.

When off line, she still does a lot of things like story telling or playing games as sourced from her own data base.

Cayla Interactive Doll

Is It Safe To Have My Friend Cayla Around Kids?

Yes. Because Google’s Safe Search Technology is in place, when Cayla hears a “swear word” or something related to Race or body parts, she is programmed to say something like ..”I don’t know what you’re talking about” or “Let’s talk about something else.” or she may simply not respond. My-Friend-Cayla

Moreover, Mom or Dad can log on to the smart phone app that is placed-in to control Cayla and they can block whatever word or phrase they may regard as unsuitable for their kids.


Modern Technology Wins Out

You’ll have to tip your hats off to these creative toy manufacturers who exploit the potentials of ICT to create something that’s not only great fun for kids but introducing an interestingly new platform that allows them to learn things as they grow up.


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