Lifetime Adjustable Basketball System 71524 XL Review

Lifetime-71524-XL Lifetime 71524 XL Adjustable Portable Basketball System

STARS-4Lifetime 71524XL portable basketball system provides a quality build with great features and at an affordable price. Novice, intermediate and pro players will be able to play basketball with confidence in their own yard. This system is designed for the entire family, but kids stand to benefit greatly from it. Beginners will find it invaluable when practicing and honing their shooting skills. With this basketball hoop, you can easily turn your backyard or driveway into a simple basketball court.

Basketball Backboard

This Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop comes with a 54 inch Makrolon polycarbonate backboard with considerably large playing surface. You can expect better rebounds and besides that, several years of quality play because of the shatterproof material. Additionally, the backboard has fade resistant graphics which prevents it from yellowing or fading.

Pole and Lift System

The Lifetime 71524 XL has a round 3 piece pole section which is 3.5 inches in diameter that is easily adjustable. The pole section is powder coated which makes it rust free. Actually, you can make height adjustments from 7.5 ft. to 10 ft. using the power adjustable feature. For your convenience, the lift is a one hand height adjustment mechanism which makes height adjustment a simple task. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about height if you want to enjoy quality recreation time while using this hoop. What this means is that the system can easily be adjusted to cater for the needs of different players.

This model comes with arena-style brace supports plus 5/8-inch solid steel. This is coupled by round arm extension which offers greater space for play beneath the basket. Lifetime figured individuals would be tempted to go for above the rim play necessitating the inclusion of double compression rings for spring action. Additional items in the system include the bellows, spring covers and frame pad.




InstallationGenerally, installation of Lifetime 71524 XL is quite easy, but the assembly instruction may be hard to follow. You may take up to 2 hours when setting up this unit; maybe less if two adults work on the project. The good thing is that the pieces join smoothly and this results in an almost flawless unit. Although the assembly process might seem difficult, you can simplify it by following the steps provided in the instruction guide.

This portable basketball system comes with a 35 gallon capacity portable base which fills easily with water or sand for a stable foundation. Movement shouldn’t be much of a problem thanks to the in-built wheels which makes the unit portable. This means you can move this system to your desired location without any help.

Why should you invest in it?

  • Shatter guard steel-frame backboard with frame pad.
  • This Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop comes with Makrolon polycarbonate surface with good ball response/rebounds for competitive play.
  • Fade-resistant graphics makes the backboard look good as new even for prolonged outdoor games.
  • Height of the hoop can be adjusted using the power lift height adjustment mechanism to match player’s height.
  • The sturdy 35-gallon portable base provides considerable support for better performance and less shaking.
  • This unit rolls easily on wheels to the preferred location thus saving time during set up.


In conclusion, the Lifetime 71524 XL portable basketball hoop provides fun for the whole family. Installation is relatively easy and the components join up well resulting in a clean installation. The backboard offers superior rebounds while the height is easily adjustable using the hand lift mechanism. The pole is strong, the base portable, and the frame enhances stability of the hoop. All in all, this is a quality system that guarantees satisfaction for prolonged play. It comes with a 5 year warranty.


Its squeeze trigger one-hand height adjustment system is great for fast and easy movements.
Superior ball rebounds.
Competitive price especially with the recent sales drop.


Assembly may be a pain but then you only need to do this once.

Shatter Guard square steel-frame backboard with frame pad.
Makrolon polycarbonate playing surface.
54 inch backboard.
Fade-resistant graphics.
Arena-style spring-back Pro Rim with wrap-around bracing.
Double-compression springs.
Nylon net.
Power Lift one-hand height adjustment system.
3.5-inch diameter round pole.
Powder-coated, rust-resistant finish.
35 gallon base with built-in wheels.

Model Number: 71524.
Type: Portable, height-adjustable.
Product Dimensions In Inches: 56 x 34 x 12.
Weight: 50lbs
Shipping Weight: 110lbs
Backboard Size: 54 inch.
Rim: 5/8-inch solid steel double compression springs.
Pole: 3-piece.
Base Capacity: 35 Gallons.
Height Adjustment: From 7.5 to 10 feet.
Warranty: 5 years.

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