Shoulder Buddies

Shoulder BuddiesLooking for toys that not only entertain but also teach your kids something valuable? Then Shoulder Buddies is the toy for you.

This cute little collectible toy is great for kids to play with and also great for them to learn something from.

Remember those cute little trolls that were the hype years ago? It was every kid’s favorite accessory. They would play with them, put them up on their shelves to adorn their room, and bring them with them wherever they went.

Even grown-ups found them cute and some had to have them placed on their desks or have key chains placed on their backpacks. They were just too adorable for anyone to pass up. Now, there’s a new hype: Shoulder Buddies.

But unlike those cute trolls, the Shoulder Buddies aren’t just nice little toys to collect and to keep. They have so much more for kids to enjoy.


Cute toys to collect and keep or trade off

The Shoulder Buddies have a lot of characters available. In their first collection there are 8 Shoulder Buddies Logocharacters and the second collection has another set of 8 different characters. There’s even a limited edition, available only in their online store, of 4 characters that are just too cute.

Just like the cute trolls, these Shoulder Buddies are great collectible figures. Kids can collect them and display them in their room. Their rooms would really light up with these cute little things. They can also trade them with their friends.

It’s a great way to for them to foster friendships and also for them to meet new friends. When they have these cute little toys with them, other kids who own Shoulder Buddies would be sure to open up and start a conversation. Also consider Winnie The Pooh toys.


Shoulder Buddies BlazeStick them on anything and bring them with you

The Shoulder Buddies can go with you wherever you go. They are easy to bring along as they are small toys you can easily carry with you. They measure about 2 inches in width, 2 inches in height, and 2 inches in length. Their colorful hair can stand up to 5 inches.

The best thing about it though is its magnetic pad. Each Shoulder Buddy comes with a Magical Coin or a magnetic pad. This way can literally put your little buddy on your shoulder. Just put the magnetic pad under your shirt and the toy just above the part of your shirt where the pad is placed.

You can also place your Shoulder Buddies on your bag, on your hat, a headband made of cloth or even on your hair. These little buddies really hold in place.


Cute Shoulder BuddiesValuable life lessons to learn

The most special part about the Shoulder Buddies is that you can learn a different life lesson from each of them.

Each toy comes with a Smart Card where you can learn about the life lesson.

Buster: One of the limited edition Shoulder Buddies for example, shares his “Stop Bullying” smarts and teaches you about STAND, which stands for S-show kindness to others, T-tell an adult if you are being bullied, A-always get help if you see bullying, N-never participate in bullying others, D-do your best to put bullying to rest.


Pal: Also a limited edition Shoulder Buddies, also shares his “Pet Care Smarts” and teaches you about PAMPER, which means P-play with your pet, A-always keep them clean, M-make a loving home, P-provide fresh food and water, E-enjoy the love they give, R-remember to be kind to animals.


New addition to the Shoulder Buddies family

There are 4 recently added characters to the Shoulder Buddies collection. These are Ace, Goal, Chef and Crush. Ace has with him the “Efforts Smarts” and teaches you about GOALS; Goal has the “Teamwork Smarts” and teaches you about SPORT; Chef shares his “Cooking Smarts” and teaches you about the BAKER; and Crush shares his “Lovable Smarts” and teaches you about FLIRT.

With the Shoulder Buddies, you not only give your kids a great toy to play with, you also let them learn valuable lessons in life.

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    Jason October 27, 2011 at 14:22

    Hello, I help run a small business and we are thinking of ordering custom made shoulder buddies for our business to hand out. Can these items be custom made/ordered?

    Any information regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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      Toys October 27, 2011 at 14:22

      Hi Jason,

      I’m not sure if the company makes custom Shoulder Buddies but here is their main website if you
      would like to contact them directly to find out.

      Shoulder Buddies

      Hope this helps

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